• Sophisticated instrumentation performance management system provides rest-assured instrumentation optimisation at industrial facilities


Sophisticated instrumentation performance management system provides rest-assured instrumentation optimisation at industrial facilities

Nov 17 2023

ABB have announced the introduction of ABB Ability™ SmartMaster. This highly advanced asset performance management platform will be an invaluable asset for industrial organisations needing verification and condition monitoring of instrumentation and field devices.

SmartMaster provides a comprehensive solution to a plethora of industries, including water, wastewater, chemical, oil and gas. ABB Ability™ SmartMaster can seamlessly gather, analyse, and verify diagnostic data from instruments remotely, without disrupting ongoing measurement tasks. It takes away the stress of managing instruments, tackling the challenges faced by industrial companies aiming to maintain optimal performance.

One of the major challenges for industrial plants is managing all of the instruments deployed across a facility. With hundreds or even thousands of devices, some of which may be in inaccessible or hazardous areas, the necessity for a robust performance management system is all too clear. ABB developed SmartMaster to provide a rest-assured solution to ensure each instrument performs optimally.

Amina Hamidi, Managing Director, Business Line Instrumentation, ABB Measurement & Analytics stated “Plant operators are expected to increase efficiency as well as become more sustainable and for this, it’s critical that each device, each instrument performs optimally in the industrial process,” said With hundreds of field devices working in the background, optimal performance is impossible to achieve without digital service technology. The ABB Ability™ SmartMaster connects the physical and digital worlds, ensuring that instruments perform optimally.”

SmartMaster offers a very flexible solution compatible with both ABB and third-party instruments, for example: flow meters, level meters, temperature, and pressure sensors. Whether as an on-site or cloud-based solution, it provides an invaluable fleet-level overview accessible directly on the end-users’ smart devices.

The platform not only manages multiple instruments, it also deals wth the issue of disparate applications and data running in silos. By breaking down these silos, SmartMaster enables better insights and operational efficiency. Industrial organisations using SmartMaster can expect increased efficiency and environmental benefits through actionable insights.

Additionally, SmartMaster goes beyond just monitoring by empowering plant operators with extended options for instrument optimisation and maintenance. By accessing real-time data on instrument status, operators can pinpoint potential issues proactively, enabling efficiently planned servicing, spare part orders, and device replacements. SmartMaster provides a comprehensive calendar view analysis and analytical reports of failure scenarios, facilitating improved, strategic decision-making.

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