• Sub-ppm Oil in Water Measurements in Less Than 15 Minutes with New Portable IR Analyser

Portable/Field Testing

Sub-ppm Oil in Water Measurements in Less Than 15 Minutes with New Portable IR Analyser

May 10 2013

The new InfraCal 2 Field Portable IR Analyser can measure down to 0.1 ppm oil in water accurately, on-site and in less than 15 minutes. It is the newest addition to the Wilks (USA) line of rugged, easy-to-use oil in water/soil analysers and provides added sensitivity and features for today’s most challenging environmental applications. InfraCal 2 is ideal for non-technical users and will provide years of dependable, maintenance-free operation.

The InfraCal 2 IR Analysers combine improved electronics which significantly increase signal-to-noise ratio for greater performance with a touch screen intuitive display that allows for a multitude of new options and features – including multiple calibrations, internal data logging and data transfer capabilities, alarm functions to ensure results are acceptable, and security/password settings to avoid unauthorised changes.  The result is a compact, rugged package, weighing less than 6 lbs., with no moving parts and the low maintenance qualities found in other Wilks analysers.

InfraCal 2 provides improved sensitivity and detection limits for a variety of on-site oil in water measurements such as sub-ppm detection levels of oil in wastewater going into inland waterways, off-shore produced water discharges, and cleaning efficiency of metal parts. Models are available for use with infrared transparent solvents, as well as hexane, for the extraction process. While designed for field applications, InfraCal 2 is equally at home in the analytical laboratory and will provide quantitative measurements easily, routinely and economically.

The new InfraCal 2 Analysers make it economical and easier than ever to move repetitive measurements from the lab to the actual analysis site where they can be routinely handled by non-technical personnel. On-site measurements using the InfraCal 2 Analyser take less than 15 minutes and eliminate the wait for off-site lab results which can take hours or days to receive.

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