• Ever imagined environmental sample testing in the field, wherever you are? Take a look...

Portable/Field Testing

Ever imagined environmental sample testing in the field, wherever you are? Take a look...

May 10 2017

For anyone charged with rapid screening of chemicals, including environmental volatiles and semivolatiles (VOCs/SVOCs), explosives, chemical warfare agents, hazardous substances, and for use in food safety and industrial application the big question is: How do I get results even faster? With PerkinElmer’s Torion® T-9 portable gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer (GC/MS), you take your instrument right to your samples and get immediate results. No sample transportation or degradation. No processing, packaging, and preparation time. You simply respond, collect, analyse, and identify, right there on the ground.

PerkinElmer's Torion T-9 portable GC/MS brings new meaning to portability. At a total weight of only 14.5 kilogram/32 pounds, this one of-a-kind GC/MS is also fast, reliable and easy to use.

Don’t let the size fool you. The Torion® T-9 GC/MS was built for portability and speed and its low thermal mass (LTM) capillary GC provides equivalent chromatographic resolution and performance to a benchtop system – up to 70 times faster than conventional lab analysis.

Superior technology includes:

  • Small diameter LTM capillary GC for high speed, high resolution separation of chemical analytes
  • Rapid temperature programming delivers analysis times of less than 3 minutes
  • Sensitive and selective mass-based detection of a wide range of chemicals
  • Easy to operate with a colour touch-screen display and simple navigation buttons.

Key Features


As a lightweight, fully self-contained field instrument, the Torion T-9 portable GC/MS (with laboratory equivalent chromatographic resolution) operates on battery power for up to 2.5 hours, and has an on-board disposable helium carrier gas cartridge capable of up to 150 sample runs.


The system is ready for sample analysis in less than five minutes from a 'cold start'. Using a high speed GC temperature ramp rate of ~2°C/sec, run-to-run cycle times are typically ~5 min., allowing for analyses of ~12 samples per hour.


With a colour touch screen, the user interface directs the operator through sample introduction and analysis. The on-board library automates target compound deconvolution and identification. Results are displayed on-screen for quick and easy data interpretation.


Ruggedized GC-TMS design allows the Torion T-9 portable GC/MS to operate under harsh conditions. An automated performance validation routine calibrates the instrument to provide reproducible, reliable performance.

Run In-field Analyses Across Virtually Any Application

The powerful combination of the Torion T-9 portable GC/MS and the dedicated line of accessories and consumables provides users the capability to collect and analyse a sample at any location. Identification of target chemical compounds is straight-forward, accurate and rapid. The Torion T-9 system is ideally situated for a variety of applications:

  • Environmental
  • Forensics/drugs of abuse
  • Chemical/petrochemical
  • Military
  • Security
  • Hazardous materials
  • First response
  • Industrial

>>Watch the video and download environmental application notes, such as:

  • Rapid Screening of Contaminated Ground Water
  • Volatile Organic Compound Identification in Water by Portable SPME-GC/MS
  • Volatile Organic Compound Screening in Soil Using SPME-GC/MS

Take the Torion T-9 portable GC/MS to your samples…wherever they are.

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