• How to identify natural gas leaks when hydrogen is added?

Leak Detection

How to identify natural gas leaks when hydrogen is added?

Jul 14 2022

TBM and THT are the most ubiquitous odorants used to make odourless, natural gas smell, so that people know when there is a gas leak. However, these odorants need to be monitored and controlled to maintain their effectiveness. In 2021, Sensorix launched their electrochemical gas sensors for mercaptan and THT detection: the Sensorix TBM 50 along with the Sensorix THT 100. 

Recent power to gas initiatives has seen more and more hydrogen being added to natural gas. Therefore, a gas monitor, with high-performance gas sensors with no hydrogen interference is needed. The Sensorix TBM 50 is already the perfect solution for this application. To complete their respective range of sensors, Sensorix have developed the Sensorix THT 100 low H2, so they now provide the ideal instrument for detecting  mercaptans and THT in natural gas with added hydrogen.

Sensorix’s TBM 50 detects mercaptans with zero cross sensitivity with hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and tetrahydrothiophene and is ready for use in hydrogen in natural gas (“power to gas”). The TBM 50 has superb repeatability, with  a standard deviation of sensitivity = 0.5 % for 10 consecutive measurements at 10 mg/m³ TBM. This device also shows excellent baseline stability in temperatures ranging from -10 to 40°C and in varying humidity (<0.1 mg/m³) and its unbiased operation will lengthen battery life in the portable instrument.

The Sensorix THT 100 low H2 3-electrode sensor, is the idea choice for power-to-gas applications because it has a very low hydrogen interference (THT signal only 1 mg/m3 in 20% hydrogen), has no hydrogen sulphide cross interference and it requires 300 mV bias.

All sensors are available in various standard formats: 4S, 7S, Mini, Classic, Smart, as well as in customer specific mechanical adaptations.

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