• World class environmental gas analysis components

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World class environmental gas analysis components

Nov 13 2023

VIGO Photonics are a globally renowned, specialist manufacturer of components and solutions for gas analysis systems used in environmental monitoring applications. Infrared photon detectors are a major component of gas spectroscopy devices and are widely used for monitoring changes in gas concentration, from sizeable leaks to trace levels. VIGO detectors are optimised for the MWIR (2-8μm) and LWIR (8-19μm) spectral ranges, making them ideal for use as gas sensors for industrial and environmental protection.

The detectors offer the perfect sensing component for a myriad of CRDS, TDLAS or FTIR spectroscopy analytical tasks. With extremely high levels of speed and precision, the VIGO product portfolio provides excellent capabilities in applications such as leak detection, gas analysis, or toxic gases detection.

Monitoring gas and aerosol levels in the atmosphere is becoming increasingly important in the face of global concern over ongoing climate change; it provides a clearer picture of the correlation between global warming and how our society affects it. Several gases, such as carbon dioxide, methane, SOx, NOx among others, are well known for their adverse effects on our health and environment; ever more stringent international regulations concerning the emission of these pollutants have created a demand for affordable, yet precise and efficient, real-time gas analysis technology– emission control is vital and increasingly regulated by law. VIGO’s versatile product range fulfils all of the major criteria for environmental monitoring. Their devices are surprisingly affordable, precise and capable of efficient operation in the toughest of locations ranging from industrial plants to volcanoes.

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