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Why comfort increases your safety

Sep 07 2021

Whatever the task at hand, the one thing no one needs is distraction. That’s why we made our portable multi-gas detector Microtector III G888 not only one of the most powerful, but also one of the most comfortable to wear devices in the world. We have the design awards and the customer feedback to prove it.

Design – comfort and ease of use are critical

Our usual description of the G888 is: “The world’s smallest and lightest multi-gas detector with wireless RF communication” and it’s true. However, while it’s easy to see why all the technical features and functions increase safety, why is the form factor important?

Personal gas monitors depend on the principle of diffusion. The molecules of the contaminant being measured passively diffuse into the sensor. For the measurement to be accurate, the instrument should be worn in the “respirable breathing zone” of the worker. The readings should come from the same area as the air that is entering the worker’s lungs.

The larger the instrument, the less likely it will be used properly, and the greater the risk that the wearer will put it aside because it interferes with work or just feels uncomfortable. A key requirement for personal gas detectors is that they can be worn comfortably. Ideally, the instrument should be small enough and so easy to use that you forget it’s there – until an alarm is triggered!

Design – more than just size

However, size is only one factor when it comes to wearing and operating comfort. That's why the Microtector III G888 has an anti-slip case, an easy-to-use 3-button interface and a display that can be flipped, so that it can be read comfortably from any viewing angle.

Size must not limit functionality

This new generation of portable gas detection devices is where safety meets design. The G888 unites compact size, exceptionally light weight, and outstanding performance.

It is not only the smallest and lightest 4-7 gas detector with wireless module in the industry; it is also the most flexible and easy to use. With five sensor slots and the ability to measure up to seven atmospheric hazards simultaneously, the G888 offers more than comparable detectors. Choose from oxygen, flammable gas, CO2, CO, H2S and a wide variety of additional toxic gas sensors.

Certified for safety

The G888C is ATEX certified as Intrinsically Safe for use in Ex zone 1 Hazardous Locations. The G888M carries additional certification as a Hazardous Area Group 1 Mining Monitor for use in underground hazardous locations and mines.

Connected Safety

Safety concerns the whole team, whether they are present at the monitoring site, or coordinating emergency response. The G888 transmits measurement data, alarms and status in real time using dependable, secure, RF (radio frequency) technology to the TeamLink, a central, portable communications hub. The TeamLink is a complete, ATEX certified, self-contained operations center for up to 10 wirelessly linked instruments. Real-time monitoring from a central point ensures all members of the team are safe.

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