• An all-round gas detection solution: Polytector III G999S

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An all-round gas detection solution: Polytector III G999S

Feb 13 2024

The G999S portable gas detector proves once again that GfG is driven by innovation and a desire to keep workers safe. Its versatile functionality does not only provide safety to professionals of many different industries but also combines the abilities required for a variety of different measuring tasks.

GfG’s G888 and G999 series are already well-established staples of the gas detection industry. The most recent addition, the G999S, offers all the benefits you’ve come to expect from the series and additionally has specialized measuring capabilities: It can protect you and your team from up to eight gases simultaneously, is able to analyze the air in confined spaces, will detect even the smallest of leakages and let you measure methane up to 100 vol % (or hydrogen up to 25 vol %). The reason for this fantastic range of abilities is the modern hybrid sensor technology it is equipped with, in addition to the three electrochemical sensors and an infrared sensor. These unique hybrid sensors, developed and manufactured by GfG, combine either a catalytic combustion (CC) and a thermal conductivity (TC) sensor or even a CC, TC and a semiconductor (SC) sensor, thus considerably extending the scope of detectable gases and measuring ranges.

Detecting methane in every situation

The highly combustible gas methane poses a risk in many different industries and applications, such as biogas plants or gas suppliers. As it is invisible and odorless and moderate doses do not cause immediate strong reactions in humans, its dangers stem mainly from build-ups going completely unnoticed. It is therefore essential to continuously monitor its concentration. As it is also one of the main greenhouse gases contributing to climate change, this is a matter of environmental safety as well.

The G999S can easily switch between different measurement modes (sniffer, leak test, LEL monitoring, Hi % measurement) at the push of a button, allowing you to detect methane in any concentration from tiny leaks to concentrations so high they would be out of range for other sensors. This includes the common measuring range of 0 to 100 % LEL or the HI% range of 0 to 100 vol %. This adaptability is what distinguishes the G999S from other gas detectors and makes it an ideal solution for so many diverse areas of application.

The perfect fit for your application

The G999 series comprises three further high-quality portable gas detectors: the G999P, G999E and G999M. These all come with different sensor slots allowing them to meet the requirements of different specializations. We are therefore sure you will find one that suits your individual needs. 

A complete overview of all GfG portable gas detectors can be found here.

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