• The benefits of being safely connected

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The benefits of being safely connected

Feb 07 2023

You should always avoid situations that have one employee working alone, as they pose a great risk to that person’s safety. If it cannot be avoided, you will need technical equipment to minimize hazards: Connected Safety.

When dangers accumulate

There are often situations - planned or unintentional - where a person has to work on something out of earshot and sight of any other people. This is especially treacherous in environments which may contain toxic or combustible gases or pose a risk of very low oxygen levels. The fact that many of them cannot be identified by vision, smell or taste only increases the dangers arising from gases: If you do notice something is wrong, it may already be too late. You should therefore always carry a portable gas detector with you when working in facilities where potentially dangerous gas concentrations may be present. Their purpose is to alert you to gases in your immediate vicinity before they can reach a critical level. In expansive work places or complex to navigate areas, such as confined spaces, where the dangers of working alone and gas hazards are combined, it is not enough to simply warn one person though.

Connected Safety

The TeamLink ensures that all information a portable gas detector can give you, is also accessible by another team member or the supervisor. All measured gas concentrations, alarms and the connection status are sent to TeamLink continuously and in real time via radio signal and can be viewed on its display. Additionally, the three-color LED panel will give you a quick overview of every individual alarm (red) or connectivity issues (yellow) of the up to ten connected gas detectors.

The team for your safety

The TeamLink is an ideal add-on of the portable multi-gas detectors of our Polytector III G999 and Microtector III G888 series. We took special care during development of all three series to ensure they would complement one another. The G999 is also optionally available with a pump, making it ideal to analyze the air in confined spaces, shafts or containers before entering them. The results of this extraction are transmitted directly to the TeamLink. The G888 is built so compactly that it will not bother you even in environments that restrict your movement and will continue to reliably monitor gases.

Think bigger when it comes to safety

If your team needs more than ten portable gas detectors or if you just want a simple way of communication, we recommend the G888/G998 Visual software. It will let you view all measured values and statuses simultaneously in a clear structure, on a laptop or tablet. You can display the time of the last registered movement and send preset messages to each gas detector, which can then be acknowledged by their user with either “yes” or “no”.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our multi-gas detectors, the TeamLink or our Connected Safety concept. We are happy to assist you in taking your safety and that of your teammates to the next level.

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