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Safety solutions for distilleries and breweries

May 09 2023

While many of us love the tasty creations of distilleries, wineries and breweries, we rarely consider the process behind making them. However, industrial production of alcoholic beverages comes with more dangers than most anticipate. In order to protect those who work hard to supply us with beers and spirits, we must therefore ensure that they are secured by the right safety equipment. GfG manufactures both fixed and portable gas detection solutions to maximize workplace safety.

The most universal danger in breweries and distilleries is carbon dioxide (CO2), as it is both generated in the fermentation process of fruits and grains and necessary for certain processes, such as carbonation. CO2 acts as an asphyxiant when inhaled and can thus cause severe harm. Since it is heavier than air, it will accumulate on the floor and displace the oxygen there, intensifying the danger of asphyxiation even further. Another risk in alcohol production is the presence of flammable gases and vapors. Methanol and ethanol, for example, are both highly combustible and must be monitored constantly to prevent explosions. In many production plants, you will also encounter cooling circuits using chemical refrigerants. In addition to the acute physical hazards handling these may pose, some of them also have flammable or toxic properties. The danger of all of these hazards is increased if they occur in confined spaces, such as vats, barrels or non-ventilated rooms.

GfG offers a wide range of fixed gas detection systems and portable gas detectors. In production processes with a constantly present level of dangerous gases or vapors, a fixed solution is recommended. Fixed gas detection systems consist of a controller and as many transmitters as you need to cover the monitored area. Our GMA200-MW4 will let you monitor up to 16 different measuring points and warn you if a certain concentration of dangerous gases is reached.

If any workers need to enter confined or potentially dangerous areas, a portable gas detector is essential to ensure their safety. The devices of our G888 and G999 series are ideal for these situations, as they can monitor up to eight different gases and thus cover a variety of potential risks workers may encounter.

For use in very humid environments or cooling circuits, GfG also offers specialized water measurement technology. Our MiniCal III system, including its many fittings and accessories, will reliably monitor the concentration of ammonia, one of the most commonly used refrigerants, and warn you immediately should any leaks occurs.

For more information about our products or a free consultation regarding the unique requirements of your production plant, please contact one of our specialists

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