• NDIR sensors with advanced features for industrial applications

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NDIR sensors with advanced features for industrial applications

Mar 23 2023

N.E.T.’s IRNET-P 32mm NDIR sensors offer advanced features for industrial applications. These sensors are SIL2 rated for certified dependability, providing fail-safe detection for critical and life-saving applications.

With individual calibration and testing, the IRNET-P 32mm NDIR sensors deliver reliable measurements that can be trusted. These sensors feature an extended temperature range of -40 to +60 °C, making them ideal for use in any environment. The internal microprocessor enables advanced signal processing, while the standard industrial size allows for easy integration into existing detectors.

The IRNET-P 32mm NDIR sensors boast a fast T90 response time and offer ModBus or P2P digital communication for ease of integration. They are built to last with solid, rugged construction and a stainless steel enclosure. The patented longer optical path provides better resolution and stability, resulting in overall stronger specifications when compared to smaller 20mm versions.

As N.E.T.'s best-selling IR sensor, the IRNET-P 32mm NDIR sensor is ideal for integration in a fixed gas detector for CO2 or for hydrocarbon gases such as propane and methane in LEL range. Its superior performance, reliability, and versatility make it the best solution available for industrial applications.

All N.E.T. IR sensors run on a microprocessor-based platform for internal signal processing, providing a linearized and temperature-compensated output in digital and analogue formats. This makes them the ideal solution for instrument manufacturers, even without any specialist knowledge of IR technology.

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