• A complete portfolio of gas sensing solutions

Gas Detection

A complete portfolio of gas sensing solutions

Jul 27 2023

NET srl. offers a fully comprehensive range of gas sensing solutions with a strong emphasis on excellent quality, technical support, competitive pricing and delivery times. NET has over two decades of experience and provides a wide selection of OEM gas sensors for industrial and commercial applications. NET was founded in 2002 with a strong desire to bring about new levels of service and quality to the gas sensor market. Their commitment to excellence is the core of every aspect of their operations. This philosophy has solidified its position as a trusted partner for instrument manufacturers globally.

At the heart of its product line, NET offers the most extensive range of Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) sensors available. These technologically advanced sensors cover a wide spectrum of gases, including carbon dioxide in ppm levels up to 100% volume, methane in explosive (%LFL) and 100% volume ranges, as well as propane, hydrocarbons, sulphur hexafluoride, and over 25 different refrigerant gases in ppm and %LFL ranges.

Complementing these NDIR sensors, NET provides a complete line of electrochemical cells capable of detecting gases such as carbon monoxide, ethylene, chlorine, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2), hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen oxide, nitrogen dioxide, ammonia, oxygen, and sulphur dioxide. For the detection of combustible gases in air or oxygen-containing atmospheres up to the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL), NET has a robust range of catalytic bead pellistors, to provide precise and reliable results.

In addition to its extensive sensor offerings, NET provides integrated solutions designed to streamline the implementation of gas sensors across various platforms, including PLCs, controllers, monitoring systems, and specialised gas detection systems. NET’s innovative products in this category include the NET Cyber Transmitter Boards, which are microprocessor-driven electronic interfaces capable of transforming any gas sensor into a detector. These boards provide current, voltage, and digital output, along with fault and user-programmable alarm contacts.

This innovative Italian manufacturer also offers NET Certified Heads, a range of ready-to-use detector heads and gas sensor housings that are already certified as components or complete devices. These heads can be seamlessly mounted on gas detectors in any environment, providing reliable, accurate and certified gas detection capabilities.

The latest addition to the NET product range is the Remora Sensor Modules. These cost-effective NDIR-based devices are specifically designed for the industrial HVAC industry. The modules have been developed to be integrated directly into refrigeration equipment, eliminating the need for separate gas detectors and providing an efficient and cost-effective solution for gas monitoring in this market sector.

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