• RIKEN KEIKI's calorimeter applicable to NG + Hydrogen ranging 0 - 100vol% and the other various gases

Gas Detection

RIKEN KEIKI's calorimeter applicable to NG + Hydrogen ranging 0 - 100vol% and the other various gases

Mar 09 2021


Our explosion-proof gas calorimeter OHC-800 offers high accuracy (OIML R140 Class A approval in Dec.2021), continuous measurement (data updated every 0.25 seconds), and high-speed response (T90 within 5 seconds).

OHC-800 is applicable to a variety of gases and application including hydrogen by customizing OHC-800 in accordance with customers’ operating environment and requirement. New customised model for hydrogen and natural gas co-firing gas turbine is planned to be released for the purpose of measuring mixed gas of natural gas and hydrogen ranging 0-100volï¼…. Additionally, we plan to develop another type of OHC-800 for ammonia gas turbine for the future.

This real-time gas calorimeter is based on our patented detection principle, called OPT-SONIC. By combining an optical sensor and a sound velocity sensor to perform unique calculations, the system is not affected by interference from gases that do not have heat content, such as N2, CO2 and O2.

We are proud to have delivered over 250 of the new OHC-800 calorimeters to major engineering and gas companies, and to heavy duty gas turbine manufacturers, around the world.

Features & Benefits

  • Low operating cost, has a contaminant resistant sensor, no requirement for carrier gas. Sensitivity does not have to be adjusted for modular unit replacement or after years of use.
  • Robust and optimised design structure to withstand harsh environment, with minimum space and infrastructure.
  • Real-time, continuous measurement updating every 0.25 seconds and fast response less than 5 seconds reacting to sudden change.
  • Accuracy insensitive to interference from gasses such as N2, CO2 and O2.
  • Operational for a wide selection of gas types and compositions including natural gas, LNG, hydrogen and natural gas mixtures, off-gas, by-product gas, low calorie flare gases, etc.


  • Addresses all of gas calorimeter challenges for a variety of gases and applications.
  • Accurate calorimetry of natural gas containing hydrogen such as power-to-gas (H2 injection / methanation / Hydrogen co-firing gas turbine).
  • Controls air-fuel ratios to stabilise combustion process and gas turbine operation.
  • Controls real-time calorific values for stabilising high quality fuel gas trading.
  • Precisely adjusts gas calorific value to minimise fuel consumption and costs.
  • Makes efficient reuse of by-product gas along with environmental considerations.
  • Monitoring flare gas calorie to keep flaming even in low calorie.

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