• CO2 monitoring solutions for schools, restaurants and small to medium sized indoor spaces
    The Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor

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CO2 monitoring solutions for schools, restaurants and small to medium sized indoor spaces

Jul 07 2021

OBW Technologies are distributing Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitors throughout the British Isles. These highly cost-effective instruments monitor CO2 levels inside small to medium sized rooms and buildings and are widely used in locations such as schools and restaurants. These indoor air monitors inform the user of potential rises in exposure to airborne transmissions, calculated by monitoring CO2 levels and activities within the area being observed. 

These devices have been set to monitor for risk levels within 3 pre-programmed settings: low activity for locations such as classroom, theatres and cinemas, medium activity which caters for busier places like offices and restaurants and high activity covers localities such as gyms, indoor arenas and leisure centres. Combining algorithms and the readings of the instrument, Honeywell have been able to accurately monitor risk levels whilst accounting for variables including the size of room, how many people were present and for how long and breathing rate. The monitors setting trigger a sound alarm to indicate heightened levels of CO2 activity – as well as clearly visible lit traffic light displays of green, yellow and red to inform the user of the risk level at a glance.

Why are indoor air monitors important in the classroom?
Schools have been particularly keen to monitor indoor air transmission risk monitors. Perth and Kinross Council have recently announced a budget of £500,000 for CO2 monitors at schools. The UK education system is making every effort to get students back to face-to-face learning again, whilst keeping pupils and staff safe. Educational facilities are often fighting to keep within budgetary constraints, so aging HVAC and ventilation systems are ubiquitous, with schools and colleges opting for short term and lower cost solutions such as filters, air purifiers and low-cost indoor air monitors. Most classrooms are of similar size, usage and occupancy, so deploying a Honeywell Transmission Risk Air Monitor is a simple and safe option.

Why would a restaurant want a transmission risk air monitor?
The long-suffering restaurant sector also has much to gain from accurate, reliable and low cost transmission risk air monitoring technology; diners spend over an hour in an enclosed and crowded room, with everyone eating and often speaking loudly – both which raise CO2 levels. In these circumstances, offering both the diners and the restaurant staff reassurances about their health and safety means sound management and happy customers

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