• Raising the standard for VOC detectors

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Raising the standard for VOC detectors

Jun 15 2022

International Gas Detectors Ltd are proud to introduce the release of a new range of PID (VOC) fixed detectors, as well as a new range of portable VOC detectors. These two big additions allow us to offer a full VOC detector range and provide the best possible detection for our customers. IGD have over a 100+ years manufacturing experience in gas detection and over two decades of PID experience, ensuring you are receiving the best possible VOC detector straight from the experts.

What are VOC’s and Where are they Found?
Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are compounds that have a high vapour pressure and low boiling point, meaning they can easily exist as gases or vapours at room temperatures. There are thousands of VOCs, with almost all of them being man-made chemicals, meaning they are present virtually everywhere. Some VOCs can cause short and long term adverse health effects, such as headaches and sinus irritation, as well as liver or kidney damage. Some VOCs, such as benzene, are carcinogenic, making it vital to monitor wherever present.

VOCs are primarily produced via industrial processes, being present in solvents and raw materials like petroleum fuels. They are also produced from various chemicals. Thus, they can be present in the following industries:

  • Oil and gas
  • Manufacturing of paints, glue, solvents (etc)
  • Petrochemical
  • Medical
  • Semiconductor
  • Soil remediation
  • Hazardous waste disposal and hazmat
  • Arson investigation

Due to the dangers of VOCs and the prevalence in the workplace, it is vital to implement a VOC detector.

Detectably better VOC detectors with IGD
The new range of VOC (PID) detectors from IGD offer the longest lamp life on the market at 30,000 hours. This 200% increase in sensor life coupled with the massive reduction in sputtering offers clients a revolutionary leap in PID technology. Providing a substantial reduction in long term upkeep costs as well as eliminating common issues affecting the VOC detectors operation. Our new PID cells also come with a stainless-steel design on our innovative 2-Wire Sentinel+™ technology. Once again giving clients a reduction in cost, an increase in capability and the elimination of cross interference given off from ABS housing in typical VOC detectors. Click here to view our full range of benzene and VOC detection equipment.

New Range of mPower Portable VOC Detectors
IGDs strategic partnership with mPower allows us to offer the most stable level of PPB detection available in VOC detectors on the market. The NEO portable VOC detector has excellent linearity over the full measurement range coupled with a long battery life and rugged, durable housing. The NEO is feature rich, lighter weight than most competing models and is best in its class for portable VOC detection, with a Benzene specific version available. Thus offering a truly remarkable VOC detector for all of our clients. You can learn more about the PID NEO VOC detector on its product page here. For the NEO Benzene please see here.

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