• Raising the Standard for Hydrogen with IGD

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Raising the Standard for Hydrogen with IGD

Apr 11 2023

IGD have designed a revolutionary new sensor and device ideal for the emerging Hydrogen economy. This in combination with their portable Hydrogen solution gives them the combined, detectably better solution for Hydrogen industries, such as fuel cell development and fuel. With this latest device, IGD can provide training, servicing and support throughout the device. Thus, providing clients with a detectably better product and experience. Read on below to find out more about our latest solution.

The MK8 Pellistor

The MK8 Pellistor features extreme resistance to poisoning exceeding standard IEC EN 50194 / IEC/EN 60079-29-1. Poisoning is a very common issues with Pellistors on the market, resulting false readings and ultimately the requirement to be replaced. This extreme resistance therefore not only reduces the cost of ownership, but it enables you to use the MK8 Pellistor in dirty or clean environments without affecting its performance. Making it the perfect companion for any application with a Hydrogen presence. Furthermore, the MK8 Pellistor is also unaffected by humidity, ideal for environments such as fuel cell production where humidity can be a common issue. This humidity resistance ensure that your device is operating at its best continually. Due to its low LEL level, having an accurate and sensitive device is essential when detecting Hydrogen to ensure leaks are caught before they become dangerous and minimal false alarms take place. IGDs MK8 is one of the most stable on the market, offering less than 2% LEL drift per year and low-level resolution to ensure you get accurate readings throughout its life. Finally, the MK8 offering long-life, low-cost ownership, with a 5 year operation life ensuring replacements are needed less frequently for long term savings.

The TOC-903-X5

The MK8 plug replaceable sensor can easily be plugged into our TOC-903-X5; the most advanced gas transmitter on the market. Featuring dual gas sensor technology, detecting for 2 gases at once in one device. So, in the case of hydrogen, this allows for an extra Hydrogen sensor for enhanced safety or an additional gas if you have a multi gas hazard environment. It comes equipped with 2x analogue outputs, 1x 2-Wire addressable output and 3x relay outputs all on one detector. Thus, allowing it to be standalone or part of a wider addressable network, making it perfect for any environment. The 903-X5 also features one man, non-intrusive calibration, enabling calibration, commissioning and integration of the sensors straight from the gas detector transmitter without a hot works permit. Finally, the 903-X5 offers at a glance display showing live gas concentration, alarm and fault status, for quick and easy system checks and clear alarms.

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