• Hydrogen Gas Detection: IGDs Detectably Better Solutions for the Hydrogen Industry

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Hydrogen Gas Detection: IGDs Detectably Better Solutions for the Hydrogen Industry

Nov 08 2022

As one of the premier materials looking to replace fossil fuels, Hydrogen is quickly becoming integrated into almost all industries. And with the UK and the rest of the worlds push towards a more sustainable future, this looks set to continue. Therefore, implementing Hydrogen Gas Detection where this fuel is used is vital due to its high level of flammability and its proneness to leaking. At International Gas Detectors, we offer a full range of Hydrogen gas detection solutions ideal for the Hydrogen economy, all backed by our over a century of experience in gas detection.

What are IGD’s Fixed H2 Solutions?

We can offer a new standard in Hydrogen gas detection with the MK8 Pellistor. Providing extreme stability over long periods, the MK8’s Pellistor bead is nearly unaffected by temperature or moisture changes, a common issue in standard Pellistors. This is ideal for detecting Hydrogen as it massively reduces the possibility of false readings and alarms, particularly inconvenient in the energy industry where downtime can be costly.

Additionally, the MK8 Pellistor features extreme resistance to poisoning. Poisoning is a very common issues with Pellistors on the market, resulting false readings and ultimately the requirement to be replaced. This extreme resistance therefore not only reduces the cost of ownership, but it enables you to use the MK8 Pellistor in dirty or clean environments without affecting its performance. Making it the perfect companion for any application with a Hydrogen presence.

Because of the MK8 sensors easy plug replaceability, this sensor can be used in any IGD fixed detector head. Thus, if you require safe area, ATEX or sampler hydrogen gas detection, we have the solution. The MK8 can even be fitted into our brand new 903-X5, featuring 5-port housing for dual gas sensing capabilities, so you can detect for hydrogen as well as any other gas from our range of 400 gases and vapours.

What are IGDs Portable H2 Solutions?

IGD can provide portable Hydrogen detection in the form of the SGT-P from Senko. Lightweight, compact, and easy to use, the SGT-P is the perfect solution for the hydrogen economy. Its simple one button operation reduces downtime from training, whilst its lightweight format makes each working day comfortable.

The SGT-P is a completely maintainable device. Replaceable batteries and sensors are all available from IGD, not only making this device less costly but making it a more sustainable option by reducing electronic waste contributed by maintenance free gas detectors.

Contact IGD today

IGD are the UKs approved distributor for Senko products, meaning we can provide high quality servicing and training on all Senko devices. What’s more, we can fully support, service, install, and train clients on all of our fixed devices. Being the oldest gas detection company in the world has given us a wealth of experience and knowledge to provide detectably better Hydrogen gas detection to all clients. Contact IGD today to find out more.

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