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VOC Detection for Paint fume extraction

Sep 12 2023

One of IGD’s most recent projects involves the implementation of Detectably Better PID detection for a local fume extraction company called Climavent. Their client required these detectors to check the status of filters in their paint fume extraction system after issues with their current supplier. Thus, they approached IGD to provide the solution. Read on below to find out more.

Who are Climavent and What are the dangers of paint fumes?

Climavent are a fume extraction company, providing fixed and portable HVAC solutions to a wide variety of industries. For this project, they provided a paint fume extraction system to a company who were undertaking renovations on site. The client was concerned that paint fumes were being distributed around the site causing health problems for their staff. Paint fumes contain a variety of dangerous chemicals, particularly VOC’s such as Toluene, Xylene and Polyurethane. These gases can cause a massive array of health problems from small headaches to kidney damage. Thus, the client enlisted the help of Climavent to provide a solution.

Why did they need PID detection?

This paint fume extraction system was fitted with carbon filters to help in filtering the dangerous VOC gases from the air to ensure that staff on site were safe from these dangerous chemicals. And to ensure that the carbon filters were working to their best ability, Climavent required the installation of Detectably Better PID detection.

What did IGD provide to Climavent?

Upon consultation, IGD and Climavent agreed that the best solution for this application would be the 750S sampling detector fitted with our revolutionary new PID sensor. Offering a 30,000-hour lamp life (a 200% increase compared to the market standard) meaning a significantly longer operational time without replacement. This coupled with our 10-year warranty on electronics* drastically reduced the cost and frequency of replacements for Climavent and their client. Providing a lower cost system without compromising on quality.

The 750S incorporates our piezo pump technology, featuring virtually no moving parts, valves or pump seals, making it silent in operation. Our 750S PID also features our industry first auto zero function. This provides unparalleled zero stable for the sensor, allowing for low alarm and PPM levels for VOC detection, making it more applicable for a wider range of PID gas monitor applications. Additionally, our latest PID gas monitor features a non-electrode UV lamp, reducing the effects of sputtering and thus providing an accurate and reliable sensor throughout its life. Find out more about our latest PID technology here.

What was the outcome?

IGD were able to provide Climavent with a Detectably Better solution in addition to free training to help guide them with the installation of this product. Overall Climavent were hugely impressed with the solution and support IGD provided, citing that the products were easy to install and commission and IGDs technical knowledge gave them peace of mind that the solution would work.

Looking for a similar system? IGD provide a range of bespoke gas detection solutions for various applications. Contact us here.

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