• Detectably Better Benzene Detection – The Combined Solution from IGD

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Detectably Better Benzene Detection – The Combined Solution from IGD

Dec 07 2022

IGDs latest innovation in PID technology and the introduction of the NEO Benzene gas detector from mPower to their range has allowed them to supply a detectably better solution to all of their customers. The combined solution of IGDs fixed PID sensor (offering huge technological advancements) and the NEO Benzene (offering durable, long-life portable detection) is perfect against any Benzene hazard. Read on below to find out more.

The NEO Benzene gas detector

Boasting a 3% accuracy at Cal point, the NEO Benzene gas monitor is the most accurate Benzene portable on the market. This high level of accuracy is essential when dealing with a hazard such as benzene, as a small PPM change can be the difference between a safe environment and a dangerous hazard. The NEO’s powerful 24-hour battery ensures you can use this device throughout your day without constant recharging or worry of a dead battery. Check out the NEO Benzene product page here to find out more.

Our 903-X5 Benzene gas detector

IGD have raised the standard in PID detection, offering a comprehensive range of VOC detectors all containing a long life PID sensor. This new PID lamp offers 30,000 hours of operation, 200% more than the market standard. This is ideal for benzene detection, as it reduces the cost of upkeep whilst ensuring that your device is performing at a higher standard for longer. What’s more, due to IGD’s wide range of devices, this PID sensor can be applied to almost any application such as ATEX rated or those requiring a sampler. This massively expands the possibilities with this device, providing top-of-the-line PID detection and therefore top-of-the-line safety for everyone. Find out more about our range of VOC detectors here.

What applications should I use this combined solution in?

IGD recommend combined solutions wherever applicable. What they mean by this is that areas such as confined spaces will not need permanently installed devices like fixed detection. Therefore, in these instances, portable detection must be implemented. However, for applications where fixed detection can be installed. We recommend using a combined portable and fixed solution.

Here are a few examples of Industries that may require a combined benzene gas detector solution:

  • Oil Refining
  • Petrochemical
  • Onshore Oil and Gas
  • Manufacturing

Here are a few examples of industries that may require a portable benzene gas detector solution:

  • Hazmat
  • Soil Remediation
  • Arson Investigation

Contact IGD

If you are ever unsure which device is best suited to your application, contact the experts at IGD. Their team of gas detection experts are on hand 5 days a week to help you find your ideal gas safety solution. Additionally, if you would like to find out more about IGDs solutions for Benzene, contact the team here. With over 100 years of experience in gas detection and over 20 years of PID expertise, you can be sure that IGD will provide you with a detectably better Benzene solution.

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