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Gas Detection

It Makes Perfect Sense!

Mar 13 2008

Car Park Monitoring • Fire Detection • Residential Alarms • Breath Monitoring

The Euro-Gas range of OEM gas sensors is specially selected for these
applications. Each sensor offers unique features and potential
advances for end product performance, ensuring cost effective, high
quality solutions for gas detection.
Carbon Monoxide monitoring in car parks, residential and fire
detection systems can specifically benefit from the low cost,
two-electrode ECO-Sure® CO sensor. ECO-Sure is a revolutionary design
of high performance electrochemical gas sensor, based on 20 years of
research and development. Guaranteed to operate continuously for
over five years, ECO-Sure features an integrated active filter to eliminate false alarms caused by common household vapours.
ECO-Sure is available as a single sensor or in combination with supporting circuitry. For example, Euro-Gas has a TÃœV approved 4-20mA and digital output package for Carbon Monoxide detection, with conformity to VDI 2053 Standard, specially developed for underground car park gas detection.
Euro-Gas also offer solutions for Nitrogen Dioxide and flammable gas in car park monitoring.
For medical applications, particularly for smoking cessation, the two-electrode LXH CO sensor is designed for the detection of Carbon Monoxide in air, where Hydrogen may be present as a cross-interferent. The primary application of the LXH sensor is for themeasurement of CarbonMonoxide in breath, making this sensor ideal for monitoring equipment utilised in ‘stop smoking’ programmes.
Euro-Gas also offer innovative infrared sensors for Carbon Dioxide and is a worldwide specialist supplier of low cost test and calibration gas in non-refillable and refillable cylinders.

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