• Chlorine generation – a simple and reliable solution

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Chlorine generation – a simple and reliable solution

Mar 28 2023

Euro-Gas’ GazCal Gas Generator provides a simple and effective solution for generating Chlorine (Cl2) gas. The GazCal Gas Generator overcomes the traditional difficulties associated with handling Chlorine gas cylinders, such as problematic accuracy and erratic shelf life.

The rugged, portable and battery-operated tool is designed for use in a wide range of industries, including the water treatment sector, where personnel face the challenges of testing and calibration. The GazCal comes in a robust and compact carrying case and allows for rapid testing and calibration with negligible warm-up time. This simple-to-use device can be operated by anyone, requiring only the necessary PPM level to be set via the unit's dial-up digital display.

The GazCal generates Cl2 levels ranging from 0.5 – 20 ppm and is also suitable for use as a surrogate for the cross-calibration of O3, ClO2, COCl2, HF and F2. Its design overcomes the problem of short shelf life. The cell life is only used up when the unit is in operation, while traditional cylinders can simply die out before 6 months. The generator can last for up to a decade, often without the need to change the cell and requiring only a yearly recertification of calibration.

The GazCal cell can operate for up to 500 parts per million (ppm) hours, which is equivalent to a continuous usage of 100 hours at a concentration level of 5ppm. This extended lifespan allows for a minimum of 400 calibrations to be conducted. The device includes a cell life indicator that displays the remaining life of the generating cell, enabling operators to plan ahead. Installing a new generating cell is a simple process once the current cell has been depleted. Although the GazCal generator may have a higher initial cost compared to a small cylinder, it is a more cost-effective option in the long run.

Also, unlike gas cylinders, which only attain one specific concentration per cylinder purchased, the GazCal is entirely adjustable between the 0.5ppm to 20.0ppm range and in 0.1ppm steps. The GazCal produces many different concentration levels from one device. In addition, low concentrations of Cl2 are efficiently produced with the GazCal, even 1ppm and 2ppm levels, whereas it is extremely problematic to achieve cylinder stability at low concentration levels.

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