• Low Power Optical Gas Sensing Systems Enabled with New Range of IR Sources
    This table indicates the key product parameters for the CCS11x µBright™ family of infrared sources

Gas Detection

Low Power Optical Gas Sensing Systems Enabled with New Range of IR Sources

May 19 2016

Cambridge CMOS Sensors (CCS) recently announced the launch of its range of µBright infrared sources, the latest of its gas sensor components for low-power, long life optical gas sensing solutions. Designed to operate across the wideband  IR range (2 to 14µm) the µBright sensors can be used to continually sense gases, such as carbon dioxide, and ethanol vapours in NDIR (nondispersive infrared) systems at low power.

The CCS11x family of IR sources incorporate a new patented plasmonic structure, which has a layer of metallic dots with a defined geometry which creates a resonant effect, increasing the optical emissions of the CCS11x sources. The devices use CCS’s patented micro-hotplate design to deliver high optical emissions across a broad range (2µm to 15µm) of IR wavelengths with a very stable, low drift output. The plasmonic structure and the micro-hotplate are fabricated using a standard CMOS process.

The CCS11x family of components have an inherently low thermal mass which allows for rapid heating to high temperatures (up to 600oC), allowing pulse mode operation at high frequencies and low power consumption. Features and benefits of CCS11x µBright IR Sources include: Stable output with low drift – low resistance drift over lifetime removes need for compensation, Fast switching – Up to 38Hz at 50% modulation depth, High IR radiation output  – Up to 600oC operation with emissivity at 0.8 at 4.26µm, Superior efficiency  – Pulse mode operation, and a Proven technology platform – Designed for high volume and reliability (>5year lifetime). 

Jess Brown, Sales and Marketing Director at CCS said: “We are pleased to launch the CCS11x, the new µBright range of Infrared sources - our latest generation of IR components for optical gas sensor solutions. These devices will enable our customers to have lower power, smaller optical gas sensing products which can be used to monitor specific gases such as carbon dioxide and also to detect greenhouse gases and refrigerants such as Freon for demand control ventilation, building monitoring, automotive cabin control, and industrial safety and security applications.”

The CCS112A, CCS113A and CCS114A are available for sampling now in TO packages (TO46 and TO39).

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