• Customisable state-of-the-art gas analysers for a host of environmental monitoring applications

Gas Analyser

Customisable state-of-the-art gas analysers for a host of environmental monitoring applications

Jul 11 2023

smartGAS recently showcased its state-of-the-art gas analysers at Sensor + Test in Nuremberg. These have been designed to meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of industrial sectors. With an extensive variety of applications, these advanced devices deliver accurate and reliable results for industrial analytical tasks such as TOC measurement, process gas analysis, biogas analysis, exhaust analysis, air quality monitoring, and emission measurement.

The ANAREX product family from smartGAS has impressed with its stable high-precision measuring performance, intuitive operation, and easy calibration process. These multi-gas analysers can be easily commissioned via plug-and-play. With a flowmeter at the front, users have control over the gas flow while being able to read the measuring values on the clear, 5.6-inch LCD touchscreen or transmit them through the RS232 interface and analogue output.

What makes the ANAREX product family stand out is the variability of the sensors used. By incorporating a wide range of technologies, these instruments can effectively analyse a vast spectrum of sample gases. Designed for installation in a 19" rack, the ANAREX offers the versatility needed for industrial multi-gas analysis. Other key features of the ANAREX gas analysers include high and stable measurement performance, simple sensor calibration, and both analogue and digital output options.

To provide the most suitable solution for each customer's specific application, smartGAS offers an array of sensor technologies that can be integrated into the ANAREX analysers. In addition to the NDIR sensors from the SILAREX and FLOWEVO series, customers can choose from paramagnetic, photoacoustic, or electrochemical sensors. This adaptability allows for the creation of an optimal measuring system tailored to individual needs.

The ANAREX gas analysers require little maintenance while providing high durability and long-term stability with minimal drift. They boast low detection limits and short response times, making them indispensable tools for critical gas analysis tasks. These devices can measure up to five gases using three sensors; they provide the end user with comprehensive and accurate data. The internal software ensures precise zero and end-point calibration, guaranteeing optimal accuracy of the measuring values.

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