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SENSITRON SMART 3G SERIES – Gas detectors for all applications

Jul 09 2024

The SMART 3G series, designed for all applications, includes the Sensitron SMART 3G D2, which has a clear 4-digit display that shows gas concentration in real-time and a bright LED ring to indicate three status levels. It is suitable for both classified and unclassified zones, holding certifications ATEX II 2G Ex db IIC T5 Gb and ATEX II 2G Ex db [ib] IIC T6 Gb for intrinsically safe detectors. With Hall effect sensors, it allows non-intrusive field calibration using special magnets, eliminating the need to open or declassify the area. The SMART 3G D2 can detect flammable gases like Methane, LPG, or Butane; toxic gases such as Carbon Monoxide and Ammonia; refrigerant gases, and oxygen. It operates on a 12-24 Vdc power supply, featuring a standard 4-20mA analog output. Additional options include an RS485 output and three relays. The device's hardware is SIL2 certified and the software SIL3 certified. The housing is made of die-cast aluminum, with an optional stainless steel version available. The detector head, housing the sensor, is constructed from stainless steel and features a synthetic filter that permits gas diffusion while maintaining protective housing integrity. It supports infrared, catalytic, PID, and electrochemical sensors, depending on the gas type, application environment, and specific requirements. The SMART 3G D2 is also offered in a version without a display (SMART 3G C2) and a version without a display but with an LED ring (SMART 3G C2-LD).

SMART 3G D2 – Application Example

In the pharmaceutical industry, numerous processes present gas-related hazards, necessitating the use of gas detection systems. These risks include:

  • Explosions from flammable substances
  • High toxicity from solvents and APIs
  • Dangers associated with oxygen deficiency

Sensitive sensors enable the prompt and precise detection of a wide range of hazardous gases, ensuring a safe working environment and compliance with safety standards. In production areas, these detectors monitor toxic, flammable, or volatile gases, preventing dangers and protecting product quality. In laboratories and cleanrooms, gas detection maintains a controlled environment, avoiding contamination and hazards. Additionally, they monitor storage areas, detecting gas leaks or adverse conditions that could impact product quality or worker safety.

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