• Highly advanced new gas analyser provides precision, portability and environmental responsibility in a single, compact instrument

Gas Analyser

Highly advanced new gas analyser provides precision, portability and environmental responsibility in a single, compact instrument

Oct 05 2023

Hiden Analytical has announced the launch of its cutting-edge QGA 2.0 gas analyser. This highly advanced system is an advancement on its exceptionally successful predecessor, the original QGA.

"In the introduction of QGA 2.0, we are not merely progressing; we are setting a new standard for gas analysis," commented Peter Hatton, Hiden Analytical’s Managing Director. " Incorporating feedback from our valued clients and addressing the industry's stringent demand for precision, the QGA 2.0 represents a significant advancement in terms of both performance and user experience."

The QGA 2.0 encompasses several innovative features and advancements. It has a new design which has resulted in a significant reduction in weight and footprint, making the QGA 2.0 an ideal choice for a wide range of applications and environments. Whether in a lab or an industrial facility, this improved level of portability enhances its versatility. The instrument is also even more user-friendly than its predecessor; it features an intuitively designed interface, simple to use software and advanced troubleshooting guides. These enhancements have improved ease of operation and minimised downtime, helping researchers and operators to maximise productivity. The QGA 2.0 also embodies Hiden’s commitment to environmental protection. While delivering high-performance gas analysis, it has been designed to reduce its environmental footprint, making it a responsible option for operators and organisations who value both performance and environmental responsibility. Complementing these enhancements are the QGA 2.0's powerful features; it offers faster response times, increased sensitivity, and expanded analytical capabilities.

Across many industries, the QGA 2.0 is ideal for a plethora of applications that are as diverse as its capabilities. From aiding in carbon capture processes to facilitating precise hydrogen measurement, supporting environmental studies, ensuring gas quality control, advancing fuel cell research, and providing comprehensive analytical capabilities for thermal analysis applications, the QGA 2.0 will undoubtedly have a significant impact on research and industry alike.

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