• New rugged and reliable columns allow chemists see semivolatiles clearly

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New rugged and reliable columns allow chemists see semivolatiles clearly

Sep 13 2022

Restek’s new Rxi-SVOCms columns have been designed especially for semivolitiles (SVOC) analysis. The new columns provide consistent performance that keep calibrations passing longer to allow more samples to be analysed before recalibrating the instrument or replacing the column.

Rxi-SVOCms columns have been tuned specifically to improve peak shape for tougher SVOC analysis tasks, for instance: pentachlorophenol, pyridine or benzidine; they also enable that difficult polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) analysis is performed with optimal resolution.

If there is a buildup of sample contaminants, operators can re-establish performance with a simple column trim. These robust columns come back to life so end-users can keep running samples without the constant need for of changing columns and recalibration.

The Rxi-SVOCms columns offer a perfect solution for chemists in environmental laboratories who are fettered by variable column performance, recurrent calibration failures, and short column lifespans. Using Restek’s rugged new columns will mean that data requirements are met for longer periods of time and that downtime is kept to a minimum. 

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