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  • Are you hitting your productivity potential?

Are you hitting your productivity potential?

Oct 13 2020

Many laboratories still rely on paper- or spreadsheet-based approaches to manage inventory despite these being notoriously time consuming and error-prone.

LANEXO™ lab inventory, safety and compliance management System automates consumables data capture via RFID labels, minimises repetitive tasks and reduces the risk of transcription errors. Information that is traditionally recorded and tracked manually, like open/expiry dates, location, ownership and consumption are all digitally tracked by the system. The system helps to avoid stock outages, experimental errors, and safety risks by sending automatic alerts regarding issues such as low stock levels, expiry dates and storage incompatibility.

In addition, full audit trails aid compliance and troubleshooting. With the ability to reduce time required for inventory management by 97%, LANEXO™ helps labs to increase productivity and improve safety.

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