• New, Fundamental, Accurate and Drift-free Dew Point Measurement

Environmental Laboratory

New, Fundamental, Accurate and Drift-free Dew Point Measurement

Feb 14 2008

The new S8000 Integrale is the latest addition to the Michell Instruments (UK) cooled Mirror Dewpointmeter product range.
Based on the tradition of excellence in design of products with highest measurement performance and reliability, the S8000 responds to the latest feedback from many customers and humidity equipment users. Available in several versions the instrument offers unmatched accuracy in dew point measurements for both calibration and process critical applications.
The S8000 Integrale offers the customer many features including a powerful state-of-the-art thermoelectric heat pump that can measure and control dew points down to -60ºC.

The integrated sensor head allows the instrument to function as a stand-alone reference hygrometer. Depending on the application a vertical (lab version) or horizontal (industrial version) configuration can be selected.

S8000 Integrale utilizes a unique dual optics system allowing a quick, easy yet reliable measurement down to very low dew points. Together with the inbuilt sample gas temperature compensation the features add up to a highly sensitive, responsive yet stable system. The precision dewpointmeter is available with a viewing microscope enabling the professional user to inspect the mirror surface during the measurement process. The S8000 Integrale uses a modern Dynamic Contamination Correction System (DCC) to achieve optimum measurement performance at all times. This automatic intuitive system re-balances the optics
to compensate for any reduction in the light intensity due to contamination of the components in the optical path. Although the DCC system is fully automatic, it can be configured by professional users for individual applications.

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