• New Verification System for Humidity Sensors

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New Verification System for Humidity Sensors

Mar 12 2016

Michell Instruments (USA) introduces a new portable verification system for humidity sensors - the HygroCal100 Relative humidity calibrator. Lightweight at only 3.2 kg, it weighs less than ¼ of the weight of its nearest competitor, and with a battery life of up to 8 hours, it offers full portability. 

The device has a stabilised test chamber in which the performance of relative humidity sensors in a range of 5 - 95% RH is checked. Up to 7 sensors with different diameters, and output signals can be fed and evaluated simultaneously. The innovative design of HygroCal100 and easy to use user interface allowing a fully automatic calibration, and easy monitoring of the measured values of each sensor in the calibration. In addition, the recorded data can be saved to USB memory. An external reference hygrometer, such as the Optidew Vision Precision Chilled Mirror Hygrometer Michell can be integrated into the system. An external reference with traceable calibration can also be integrated into the automated validation routine. 

Through the touch screen interface, the device is easy to use, with its own calibration routines and programmes that can be automated. The operator defines the humidity test points and the stabilisation time, sets the test sensors and starts a fully automatic calibration run with data recording to the internal reference, or if desired, against an external reference device. The HygroCal100 has an integrated reference - the Michell HYGROSMART 3 sensor, boasting outstanding accuracy of ± 0.8% RH and designed for maximum long-term stability. The device can additionally be used for obtaining traceability in operations against an external reference to either three, five or nine calibrated bases. This user-friendly function runs after initiation, that the reference values are automatically started and stabilised by HygroCal. The user confirms the reference values to store in the device. Changes are recorded in a log and saved at any time.

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