• New Person-portable GC/MS for Rapid Analysis of Toxic Chemicals in the Field

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New Person-portable GC/MS for Rapid Analysis of Toxic Chemicals in the Field

Sep 17 2008

Inficon (USA) introduces the new HAPSITE ER, its next generation of the only person-portable GC/MS for immediate, on-site investigation and analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air, water and soil at parts per trillion (ppt) for most analytes. This field-proven chemical identification system gives even faster results for rapid decision-making, providing highly accurate chemical separation and identification in less then ten minutes. Powered by intuitive,
state-of-the-art software, HAPSITE ER combines new features, such as a shorter run time and low consumables usage, with easy-to-use-operation. Its bright, color touch screen displays complete analysis results, including chromatograms, spectra, library search results and quantitative data – all clearly visible in daylight or darkness.
Instant air analysis can be conducted using only the MS (mass spectrometer) and bypassing the GC column (gas chromatograph). HAPSITE ER automatically determines correct sampling distance from unknown chemicals to provide the most reliable, rapid, real-time screening of air samples, where higher concentrations of VOCs are encountered (>1 PPM), adding operational versatility and enhancing the applications range.
For the most demanding environments, the rugged HAPSITE ER provides cost-efficient, dependable field a - nalysis offering sample inlet options for different sample matrices and pre-installed operating methods for each sampling device, utilizing AMDIS and NIST search tools for identifying unknowns. Application specific methods can
also be developed, and quantification can be established for specific analytes.
HAPSITE ER is specifically designed for on-site pollution investigations, site remediation studies or process monitoring and control, disaster scene investigation and mitigation, and security applications.

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