• Highly advanced spectrometers provide the ideal solution for water and air quality monitoring applications

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Highly advanced spectrometers provide the ideal solution for water and air quality monitoring applications

Apr 02 2024

Real-time water quality monitoring using spectroscopy offers immediate insights into many contaminants and can enhance efficiency and safety in water treatment plants and industrial settings.

Spectroscopy can also be employed for air quality monitoring by analysing the absorption, emission, or scattering of light by atmospheric constituents. With different pollutants detectable at different wavelengths, techniques such as UV-visible absorption spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy, and Raman spectroscopy can be utilised for air quality monitoring. The Bullet series of spectrometers from OtO Photonics distributed in the UK by AP Technologies, offer compact and robust solutions for accurate spectral analysis in challenging environmental conditions.

The Bullet series features a compact form factor, making them suitable for handheld instrumentation in field applications. These spectrometers boast a rigid optical bench design, ensuring excellent stability against thermal variations, humidity, shock, and vibration, ensuring reliable measurement in outdoor or industrial settings. There are a couple of sensor options; the SilverBullet and RedBullet cover a wide spectral range from UV to NIR. Users can choose the appropriate version based on their specific monitoring needs. Powered by 8051 microcontrollers, these spectrometers offer short integration time, fast readout, precise trigger timing, and low power consumption, ideal for prolonged field deployments. Custom variants can be produced to meet specific requirements, offering flexibility for tailored solutions in water and air quality monitoring applications.

UK based end users benefit from dedicated technical support and software tools, facilitating system integration and data analysis for accurate monitoring results. AP Technologies, a seasoned provider of specialist optoelectronic technology, has been serving UK customers in water and air-quality monitoring industries for over 35 years. They offer off-the-shelf products and customised solutions for demanding applications.

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