• Versatile Mid-IR Detectors and Emitters for Water and Air Quality Monitoring

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Versatile Mid-IR Detectors and Emitters for Water and Air Quality Monitoring

Mar 27 2024

Mid-infrared detectors and emitters are crucial for monitoring factory emissions and air quality, detecting pollutants like VOCs, heavy metals, and gases such as CO2 and NOx. They enable continuous monitoring and the development of portable analysers for on-site assessments, making them indispensable tools in environmental science and pollution control.

AP Technologies supplies lead sulphide (1-3.1µm) and lead selenide (1-5.5µm) detectors and thermal IR emitters from Opto Diode Corporation tailored specifically for air quality monitoring applications to the UK environmental analysis market.

The Opto Diode Corporation’s lead sulphide and lead selenide detectors are ideal for gas analysis; different size and package options are available. These detectors have an active area from 1x1mm² to 6x6mm². The device comes with an uncooled open plate package, with hermetic TO-5 uncooled options and 1- and 2-stage TE-cooled TO-8 or TO-37 packages. There is a choice of materials to suit the application: sapphire, borosilicate, silicon and long-pass germanium.

The Opto Diode range of thermal emitters comprises steady-state emitters and SA- and SHA-Series function as blackbody sources, mimicking real-world thermal radiation with an emissivity of 0.70. Input/output power variable by model.

Opto Diode's SVF-Series offers ultra-thin metallic foil pulsed emitters with an emissivity of 0.88. These emitters are available in sealed TO-5 or TO-8 packages with optional reflectors.

The SPF-Series emitters are designed for fast pulse rates of up to 180Hz with 50% modulation depth. Additionally, Opto Diode provides the PIRE+ high-speed system with integrated drive electronics and heat sink for convenient fast-pulsed blackbody radiation.

AP Technologies is a seasoned provider of specialist optoelectronic technology, serving UK customers in water and air-quality monitoring industries for over 35 years. We offer off-the-shelf products and customised solutions for demanding applications.

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