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Easy to use online reference source on environmental legislation

Jul 07 2021

The environmental management landscape is constantly changing – regulatory constraints arise, public image is fragile and legal information can be confusing. Throw Brexit into the mix and the fact that the working landscaped has changed and we’re left with a lot of uncertainty. 

 In many cases environmental professionals are no longer specialists of one area but are instead expected to be an expert in many. The air quality specialist is now an expert in waste management, clean water, and sustainability, and they are likely to be working remotely with the need for instant access to reliable, concise, and up-to-date environmental management information.

Essential Environment Online addresses one of the biggest challenges faced by the public and private sectors today - effective environmental management. Wherever your working, you can increase your knowledge of regulatory constraints; translate complicated terminology into simple information; manage your environmental risk and liabilities more effectively; evaluate the impacts of projects more carefully; or improve your public image and reputation, all in one place. 

Brexit and the devolution in the UK mean decision making and regulations are fluid and businesses must stay abreast of changes whether it’s an alteration to European law or a shift in local city policy. It is vital that you know how Brexit and devolution affects the policies you work on, the public services that you manage and how to effectively work with other administrations to make sure your policy or service is delivered successfully.

Essential Environment Online has been designed to help businesses, local authorities and education establishments operate in the increasingly regulated environment that we find ourselves in today. Essential Environment Online is written in clear and concise simple language making it accessible to users with widely varying knowledge and is updated daily with developments in pollution prevention; air quality and emissions; climate change; transport and vehicle strategies; agriculture and marine life; water and waste management; and many more. A news section notifies users of industry update changes to ensure key developments are never missed wherever you are. A search function, bookmarking facility and hyperlinks to relevant external content will point you to the information you need when you need it. Tailor it for your needs – to evaluate the impacts of projects more carefully, understand the application of environmental services or simply translate complicated terminology into simple information

We are offering a free 10-day trial to this great online facility. It is the only reference resource on environmental legislation you will ever need.

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