• Sampler for Taking Undisturbed Samples of Sediment

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Sampler for Taking Undisturbed Samples of Sediment

Dec 31 2007

For years, the Beeker Sampler from Eijkelkamp Agrisearch Equipment (The Netherlands) has offered the best solution for taking undisturbed underwater sediment samples. When other approaches are used to take samples from underwater sediments it is often the case that the final sample does not truly represent the actual structure of the sediment. This problem is eliminated when the Beeker Sampler is used! The samples are taken in a transparent tube with the original stratification and layer thickness of the sampled material being retained. As a result, a clear description of the profile can be given.

The piston of the Beeker-type sediment core sampler can be operated directly using a rod so that the sample can be pushed out of the device into a sample bucket on site. The rigid steel strips hold the device tightly together.

The Beeker sampler can be used as an independent sampling device. The Beeker-type sediment core sampler is comparable to the Multi sampler and the suction corer, but has a closable head. It is also possible to hammer the device into the soil. The standard kit is suitable for use in water up to a maximum depth of 5 metres. Using extra extension rods, in some cases samples can be taken at an even greater depth.

Due to the compressed air reservoirs and the large hose connections, this corer is very mobile and is suitable for many types of application. The Beeker sampler can sample many types of sediment, which can vary in composition from extremely aqueous and weak to unconsolidated sand, irrespective of the stratification of the bed. Furthermore, the Beeker sampler is light in weight and easy to use, enabling many samples to be taken in a day.

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