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Industrial Methane Monitoring Conference Call for Papers and Posters

Jan 25 2022

The call for papers and posters for the Industrial Methane Measurement Conference is now open and you can submit your abstract here.

The deadline for abstract submissions is the 25th of February and IMM conference will run as a hybrid event in Rotterdam on the 8th and 9th June 2022.

As our understanding of this unique greenhouse gas develops, methane is increasingly prioritised in climate initiatives by global environmental agencies.

Although it has been suggested that methane only accounts for 3% of emissions by mass, it may have a drastically oversized impact on global temperatures. For instance, certain estimates suppose that the methane in the atmosphere may account for 23% of the total radiative force of all emissions. Indeed, it is said to have an average global-warming potential (GWP), which measures the heat absorbed by a particular gas as a multiple of that absorbed by carbon dioxide, of 28 over a century and 80 over a period of twenty years.  

According to the latest research, there are three main sources of methane emissions. Firstly, methane is released during the extraction of raw fossil fuels, particularly during the mining of coal. Secondly, the gas is being produced by the decomposition biodegradable waste in landfills across the globe. And lastly, our ever-increasing appetite for beef has requires an explosion in the number of grazing cattle, which, in turn, has meant more methane in the atmosphere.

As of 2022, a number of high-profile, industry-led initiatives have commenced to measure and reduce the effects of this newly-understood threat. Of particular importance is the Global Methane Pledge, which set out a plan to cut global methane emissions by 30% within the decade, receiving signatures from over 100 delegates at the UN’s 26th Climate Change Conference in the Winter of 2021, including delegates from the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union.

The next International Methane Measurement Conference (IMMC 2022) will take place at the PEFTEC exhibition in Rotterdam and will provide a unique environment for delegates to join this new global movement to determine and reduce methane emissions. Delegates will have the opportunity to compare capabilities, discuss challenges, review emerging technologies and ensure they are up-to-date with the latest reporting guidelines and policy developments for monitoring methane emissions. 

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