• Precise, reliable and cost-effective emission solutions providers head to Barcelona for CEM 2023

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Precise, reliable and cost-effective emission solutions providers head to Barcelona for CEM 2023

Jul 20 2023

MRU GmbH, a family-owned company based in Germany specialising in the production of high-quality and durable portable and stationary industrial emission monitoring systems, will be exhibiting at the upcoming CEM 23 conference in Barcelona. MRU GmbH will be showcasing its renowned SWG series continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS), known for their exceptional precision and versatility.

The SWG 100 CEM, a compact and complete CEMS, offers a ready-to-use and cost-effective emissions monitoring and combustion analysis system for industrial applications. Whether wall-mounted or in a 19'' rack, the SWG 100 operates with an extractive gas sampling and provides up to six simultaneous gas measurements, including O2, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, and SO2, using economical and reliable electrochemical cells, as well as an infrared module (NDIR). As an alternative to the electrochemical O2 sensor, a paramagnetic sensor is also available.

The SWG 100 CEM features advanced gas conditioning functions that ensure fast and reliable measurements. Thanks to its flexible platform, it is ideal for a variety of combustion applications, offering direct and continuous/discontinuous measurements with compensation for pressure, temperature, and all major exhaust gas parameters. The system is easy to install, delivered ready for operation, and requires minimal maintenance.

At the CEM 24 conference in Barcelona, visitors can also learn about the SWG 200 CEM from MRU. It is a cost-effective and reliable system for emission and combustion monitoring. The SWG 200 CEM operates with optimised and precise NDIR technology and offers multiple options for infrared measurement modules, with 6-gas or 8-gas configurations. When using the 8-gas infrared module (NDIR), CO, CO2, NO, NO2, N2O, SO2, CH4, and HC can be measured. The O2 measurement can be performed with either an electrochemical or paramagnetic sensor. Equipped with automatic zero calibration with clean ambient air and an automatic calibration for up to four gases, the SWG 200 CEM always ensures accurate results. It features a multi-stage Peltier gas cooler with two automatic condensate pumps, enabling cold/dry gas sampling with a low sample flow rate of just 1 l/min. The SWG 200 CEM offers accurate direct and continuous measurements, compensating for pressure and temperature differences. Housed in a robust stainless-steel enclosure suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it features a 3.5-inch TFT colour display, a keypad, and a standard RS485 interface (Modbus RTU). MRU offers a variety of probes tailored to the specific requirements of gas analysis, including options for low-dust and high-dust environments, as well as compact probes with heated gas sampling lines. The system supports heated gas sampling lines of up to 70 meters for up to two measurement points. With unheated gas sampling lines, longer lengths and up to ten measurement points are possible.

To complete the offering, MRU presents the SWG 300 IND, an advanced multi-component gas analysis system for indoor use. By utilising NDIR modules, the SWG 300 IND ensures continuous, precise, and selective measurements in the ppm range, even under the harshest industrial conditions. Upon request, the system is available as the SWG 300 OTD (outdoor) for outdoor use or as the SWG 300 EX for Zone 2 hazardous areas. The SWG 300 IND is easily accessible for maintenance and operation and features sampling probes specifically designed for high-temperature or high-dust environments. It includes a single and double heated sampling line, a gas conditioning system with a heated acid separator, a 19-inch mainboard, automatic zero point and automatic calibration, 8 analogue and RS485 Modbus outputs, PC data and visualisation software, as well as internal flow monitoring and alarms.

These versatile and reliable MRU measuring devices play a crucial role in the cost efficiency of combustion processes and allow the companies that use them to demonstrate a strong commitment to reducing air pollution. The SWG series offers the ideal combination of cost efficiency, reliability, and precision, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including aluminum processing, breweries, biogas and biomass boilers, blast furnaces, cement industry, diesel generators, continuous emission monitoring, CH4, CO, and CO2 measurements, gas turbines, compressors, iron foundries, steel industry, kilns, landfill gas analysis, power plants, refineries, petrochemicals, as well as educational and research facilities and laboratories.

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