• GASG 81st COLLOQUIUM - 5th Online Meeting

Air Monitoring

GASG 81st COLLOQUIUM - 5th Online Meeting

Nov 09 2021

Following the Science? Exposure Limits, Toxicology and Human Health

Thursday 2nd December 2021

The Gas Analysis and Sensing Group has unveiled the programme for its flagship scientific meeting bringing together the three important topics of exposure limits, toxicology and human health, with an eclectic group of speakers.

Many organisations are developing or using sensors and detectors for gases, volatiles and particulate matter with the aim of improving human health and wellbeing: to prevent acute exposure to toxic gases or mitigate long-term chronic effects. But what does this actually mean, are we getting it right and where is the field going next? As we increase our understanding of the effects of airborne substances on the body, exposure limits change over time and our need for monitoring usually steps up a gear. The human body is no passive receptor but an active participant and even a source of gaseous species and aerosols. 

Speakers at the event will cover air pollution and airborne pathogens, effects on the respiratory system and cognition, the latest toxicology and the impact of all this on exposure limits, health and safety. Dr John Saffell of the organising committee noted: “The whole point of studying toxicology and establishing exposure limits is to improve human health and wellbeing, yet these three topics rarely come together in the same forum. Since health driven Limit Values are the driving force behind the growth of the air quality and health monitoring markets, this could be an important meeting for those interested in the future of gas, VOC and particle sensing.”

The GASG has been holding online meetings for members and non-members since the pandemic began and has managed to maintain its reputation for an informal, friendly atmosphere with high levels of engagement between attendees and live (rather than recorded) presentations. Free-flowing breakout rooms offer the chance to talk informally to speakers and other attendees. Dr Jane Hodgkinson, GASG Chair, added: “When we started our online meetings, we tried to replicate the live experience as far as possible, and I’m glad to say that our meetings have been incredibly successful. We hope to see our existing members at this meeting and will also extend a warm welcome to newcomers”.

10:45    Welcome & Introduction
10:50    Workplace Exposure Limits (WELs) - keeping you well? Kate Jones (HSE)

11:15    Impact of air pollution on respiratory health: a systems approach.  Professor Fan Chung (Imperial College, London)

11:40    Gases in biological systems. Dr Jeremy Sizer (Bedford Hospital)

12:05    INDAIRPOLLNET: Driving indoor air pollution research in Europe. Professor Nicola Carslaw (University of York)

12:30    GASG AGM. Dr Jane Hodgkinson (Cranfield University and AGM Chair)

12:45    Lunch, parallel Breakout Rooms for morning speakers (20 mins) & networking

14:00    Air pollution and cognition – the next big headache? Professor Francis Pope (University of Birmingham)

14:25    Breathing in Covid and other bugs: which masks protect us? Amy Smart (UWE)

14:50    Impacts of brake and tire wear on human exposures, particle toxicity, and birth outcomes in Southern California. Professor Mike Jerrett (University of California, Los Angeles)

15:15    Parallel Breakout Rooms for afternoon speakers (20 mins) & networking

15:35    Session Chair’s closing comments. End of meeting.

Organisations and individuals wishing to attend the meeting should contact us here.

The Gas Analysis and Sensing Group (GASG)
GASG is an independent, self-funded organisation that brings together professionals working in the field of sensing and analysis of gases, volatile compounds and airborne particles. Our multidisciplinary community includes manufacturers and users of sensors and instrumentation systems, component suppliers, chemical manufacturers, research organisations, consultants and academics. Since its beginnings with UK government seed funding in 1993, the GASG has operated a membership model whereby organisations, companies and individuals can join as members. The group holds three colloquia per year on a variety of topics, online or at various venues, open to members and non-members. Furthermore, members can access the considerable archive of past talks on our website.

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