• Water vapour generator offers precise and repeatable moisture gas standards to match any user’s specifications
    Series-500 from Environics

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Water vapour generator offers precise and repeatable moisture gas standards to match any user’s specifications

Sep 24 2021

Environics’ Water Vapor Gas Standard Generator is designed to generate accurate and repeatable moisture gas standards to meet precise specifications of the user.

The standard configuration is a passive system. Each generator is custom designed based on the concentrations and flows each individual operator’s application requires. These generators can include multiple mass flow controllers and permeation ovens if necessary to enable the operator to achieve the full range needed.

The standard unit offers individual MFC flow ranges of between 10SCCM and 20LPM but higher flow rates are available. To maximise its functionality, the Water Vapor Gas Standard Generator can operate in tandem with Environics’ S4000 Gas Mixing or S4040 Gas Dilution System. Footprint and weight will therefore vary based on individual users’ requirements.

The standard model features elastomer seals and compression fittings along the gas path, silicon-lining of the gas path to minimise absorption is available as an optional extra. In cases of extremely low-level moisture standards, Environics have used a two-fold method to optimise unit construction; metal seals prevent the intrusion of ambient moisture affecting the output when using elastomer seals and the electropolished gas path joints are orbitally welded to stop leaks while minimising absorption.

All inputs and outputs are VCR (Vacuum Coupling Radiation) fittings to further safeguard the integrity of the generated standards. Instead of or in addition to these options, the chassis can be plumbed for continuous purging with dry, inert gas - such as nitrogen. This can offer a cost-effective solution for operators with a plentiful source of N2 in their facility.

Environics’ Water Vapor Standard Generators are highly reliable, with precision and stability of the temperature of the permeation oven within 0.1oC. Temperatures can range from room temperature to 150oC. With Environics’ mass flow controller technology, dilution flow accuracy is  +/- 1% of the setpoint, setting it above similar equipment that is accurate only to full scale. Single level dilution means this accuracy is maintained for every operator’s full range. As with all of Environics’ systems, these units are NIST traceable.

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