• CEM 2023 to provide a great opportunity to meet emission monitoring and control experts

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CEM 2023 to provide a great opportunity to meet emission monitoring and control experts

Jul 24 2023

Emission control plays a crucial part in the successful operation of various demanding industrial sectors, including municipal and industrial waste incinerators and cement and power plants.

CDL-Tecora are globally renowned specialists in emission control solutions and will be exhibiting their cutting-edge instruments at the upcoming CEM Exhibition in Barcelona.

One of CDL Tecora's standout products is the DECS dioxin samplers. For many years, these samplers have been the only MCerts certified instrument to use filter-condenser technology, with an adsorbing trap on wet gas. DECS is an advanced solution for the continuous emission sampling of Dioxins, Furans (PCDD/PCDF), PCB, and other POPs. The system meets requirements of EN 1948 and USEPA M23 standards.

The DECS system is designed for permanent installation on stacks, enabling continuous sampling from 6 hours up to 6 weeks.

Recently, CDL-Tecora has developed sampling devices such as MECS for mercury sampling. CDL-Tecora’s Mercury Emissions Continuous Sampler (MECS) provides a dependable solution for the continuous emission sampling of mercury that is fully compliant with XP CEN TS 17286.

The MECS sampler is permanently installed on a stack for continuous sampling from 1 hour up to 15 days. The MECS sampler utilises two parallel sorbent traps for sampling. Known volumes of the flue gas are continuously extracted through paired, in-stack, pre-spiked sorbent media traps at appropriate nominal flow rates.

With MECS sampler, customers can ensure they are meeting regulatory requirements for mercury emissions sampling while also benefitting from a fully automated, efficient, and compliant solution.

CDL-Tecora continues to provide portable samplers with its highly-acclaimed EmiTest range of sampler systems. The EmiTest Iso is an automatic isokinetic sampler that ensures the accuracy and safety of emissions testing from CDL Tecora; it is compliant with a plethora of international testing methods, including dust sampling, acid and heavy metals, Dioxin, PFAS etc.

CDL-Tecora’s participation in the CEM Exhibition in Barcelona provides an excellent opportunity for industry professionals to discover their advanced solutions. Visitors can engage with the CDL-Tecora team at their booth to learn more about their innovative solutions and discover how their technologies can improve emission control across various industrial sectors.

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