• Automatic isokinetic sampler for reliable emissions testing

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Automatic isokinetic sampler for reliable emissions testing

May 08 2023

The EmiTest Iso is an automatic isokinetic sampler that ensures the accuracy and safety of emissions testing from CDL Tecora; it is compliant with a plethora of international testing methods, including EN13284-1, US EPA M5, USEPA M17, and ISO9096.

The EmiTest Iso is equipped with advanced features that ensure enhanced data quality and reliability, easier use on stack, time-saving, and worker safety. Its probe module, directly attached to the probe, manages the velocity measurement sensors, probe and box heating control, and angle measurement. The module's main advantages are better accuracy of differential pressure measurement, a lighter umbilical cable, and a deported screen plugged on the probe module for remote sampler control.

The EmiTest Iso offers three modes: velocity measurement, isokinetic sampling, and constant flow sampling. All sensors can be calibrated in 5 points by the operator for optimal data quality. The instrument's calibration reports are registered in memory. Additionally, it has a Pitot and stack library with over 100 capabilities, a leak test menu, user-customisable settings, and automatic autozero and functional checks during start-up.

The EmiTest Iso is equipped with industrial-class electronics and includes an independent and secured memory to avoid data loss. Internal check routines are performed automatically to ensure good instrument functioning. The instrument casing is designed to be user-friendly and field-proof.

The EmiTest Iso's features include sensors test mode with results saved in memory for better QA/QC management, angle measurement, swirl angle and wall factor measurement, stagnation check, Pitot leak check, and a new leak test calculation. It also has a large choice of languages, the capability to set alarms, and a deported screen plugged on to the probe module for sampler remote control.

The instrument is user-friendly, equipped with a new ergonomic interface for data visualisation, large touchscreen buttons for use with gloves, and intuitive navigation. The EmiTest Iso has rapid connectors for smoother use, reduced cables for easier transportation and safety on the stack, and an optional deported screen for remote control of the sampler.

The EmiTest Iso can produce many reports, including exhaustive sampling reports, sensor test reports, sensor calibration reports, alarm reports, and continuous data acquisition with settable frequency. All data are recorded in .csv format in the large internal memory (16 GB) and can be downloaded on a USB stick. Reports can also be printed with an optional thermal printer.

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