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Who Uses ADMS 5?

Aug 29 2022

A growing awareness over the importance of monitoring emissions from power plants, manufacturing facilities and other industrial sites has led to a plethora of new technological innovations aimed at increasing our knowledge and ability in this area. ADMS 5, originally conceived of and developed in Great Britain, has shown itself to be one of the foremost pieces of software worldwide.

Today, the technology is used to assess the environmental impact associated with the construction and operation of existing and proposed industrial sites. These benefits are not just leveraged in the UK, either, but are taken advantage of by organisations, regulators and private businesses all over the world. Here are just some of the customers who currently favour ADMS 5:

Environmental agencies

As the software was originally developed to help map environmental emissions, it’s unsurprising that some of its principal proponents are the agencies whose main remit is looking after the planet. That includes the Environment Agency in England, the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) in Scotland and the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) in Northern Ireland, as well as Natural Resources Wales.

British regulatory bodies

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) is tasked with finding new and novel ways of safeguarding the health of the British populace. The abundance of data collected by ADMS 5 can be instrumental in helping the HSE to make air quality projections and reduce ill health among those working in or living near new or existing industrial installations. As such, its beneficial impacts stretch beyond the environmental into the realm of public healthcare, too.

Government organisations

As well as the organisations and agencies directly charged with looking after public and environmental health, ADMS 5 is also favoured by other branches of the UK government, too. For example, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in the UK also recognises how ADMS 5 is setting the standard for continuous emissions monitoring and reporting and deploys the system to inform many of its own policies and decisions.

Private enterprises

Last but not least, ADMS 5 is also hugely popular among the private sector. That’s chiefly due to the fact that it allows site owners to comply with national and international legislation, as well as affording them maximum control over the input and output parameters they can toggle when interpreting the data. At present, ADMS 5 is used by more than 130 individual company license holders in Great Britain alone.

Overseas interests

And the popularity of ADMS 5 doesn’t stop at the borders of the country of its invention. There are both public and private users of the software in many far-flung parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Its worldwide popularity is testament to just how well regarded the technology is by industry experts from all over the globe and though it has its rivals, it’s widely recognised as one of the market leading dispersion modelling solutions.

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