• New data analytics application to aid industry to reduce emissions, advancing the transition towards predictive maintenance

Air Monitoring

New data analytics application to aid industry to reduce emissions, advancing the transition towards predictive maintenance

Nov 10 2021

Governments across the world, pushed by public opinion, are pushing through new targets and legislation on emissions which means that industry is under unprecedented pressure to improve the flexibility and efficiency of real-time emissions monitoring. ABB’s Datalyzer has been created to help their industrial clientele respond successfully to the challenges posed by new legislation.  ABB’s comprehensive, cloud-based modular application offers real-time data taken across numerous analysers and plant locations, whilst also reducing costs of ownership cost and capital outlay. 

Datalyzer gathers measurements from emissions monitoring analysers which is subsequently relayed to an on-site Edge device, which is a Micro PC. The Edge forwards the requisite data to the Datalyzer, positioned in the Microsoft Azure cloud. The application then analyses the data turning it into solid information to enable assured decision-making.   

The operator obtains the information from Datalyzer via three different dashboard views. The first displays the fleet view, the second the plant view and the third a more detailed analyser view. These different versions offer both an ‘at a glance’ look at the overall emission monitoring equipment status as well as important, detailed asset parameters. Other parameters included are heatmaps of the installed base, historical trends and systems diagnostics. 

Datalyzer also provides QAL-3 assessment* and reporting and event-based updates via e-mail. Live analyser process data along with value added insights and reports are just a couple of the application’s major attributes. Historical trends can be tracked for as long as five years, this enables operators to learn of recurring patterns in the equipment’s performance and provides the platform for predictive maintenance. Compliance to cyber security standards puts a stop to unauthorised access while securing data integrity.

Continuous gas analysers such as ABB’s ACF5000 and ACF-NT are compatible with Datalyzer with ABB’s Advanced Optima and Easy Line also to be included in early 2022.

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