• What�s in Your Water?


What�s in Your Water?

May 29 2008

Trace Detect are offering a complete line of onsite arsenic and trace metal analyzer products, our systems measure to 1 ppb with reliable results in less than 30 minutes. Verify levels of arsenic, lead, copper, cadmium, zinc, or mercury.

Applications include:
Drinking water quality monitoring
Stay in compliance with 10-ppb arsenic drinking water standard.
Wastewater compliance management
Verify wastewater heavy metal levels before effluent discharge.
Process integrity control
Optimize industrial processes to ensure product quality & integrity.
Remote site screening

Chemist in the Box Technology
Simple and robust, our Chemist in the Box technology handles your trace metal measurement from start to finish: sample preparation, dilution, mixing, measuring, and calibration. Chemist in the Box offers unmatched accuracy while drastically reducing operating costs.

Online Analyzer
ArsenicGuard� arsenic analyzer offers completely hands-off, continuous online monitoring of drinking water arsenic levels. Online analyzer is configurable for additional trace metals (Pb, Cu, Cd, Zn, and others).

At Line Analyzer
SafeGuard trace metal analyzer offers monitoring of a variety of samples. SafeGuard is an application-specific, independent monitoring station located at line or in your own onsite quality assurance lab.

Laboratory Analyzer
NanoBand Explorer II trace metal analyzer, packed in a sturdy lightweight case, offers laboratory and remote monitoring capability.

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