• New review takes flow meter sensor technology back to basics


New review takes flow meter sensor technology back to basics

Nov 16 2023

Titan Enterprises recently published a technical review that examines pulse sensors for flow measurement instruments and applications. Over recent years, the various types of flow meter have evolved into many forms, ranging from mechanical instruments, for example: turbine or rotating gear, which operate based on measurement of a rotational component, to flow meters that utilise ultrasound and other sophisticated technologies. These units tend to operate using a sensor to relay the flow measurements to a reading device. Virtually all flowmeters are provided with pulse output flow signals. Flowmeter sensing components measure the rate of the rate of the gas’ or liquid’s movement or flow rate passing through the system. The pulse output signal generated from these instruments is, in effect, an on-off switch which changes state at a frequency in relation to the flow of the gas or liquid.

According to Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer with Titan Enterprises, “Deciding on the best flow meter for a particular application can be problematic. There is such a wide array of sensing and output technology combinations, each with its advantages and disadvantages. We wanted to pull together a technical explanation of flowmeter sensors and pulse output types so users can choose the one that will give them the most efficient system operation.”

As well as highlighting the different sensors ubiquitous to contemporary flowmeters and discussing examples of application, a close examination of semiconductor sensor components is also covered in Titan’s review. In addition, the pros and cons of each type of sensor, as well as best practice for connecting sensors to the requisite read-out device are included as well.

Primary functions of these sensors, along with their recommended applications, provide a useful comparison to help users decide on the ideal output for their flow measurement needs.

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