• Flowmeters tough and precise enough to withstand the rigours of the mining industry
  • Titan’s redesigned OG5 model
  • Titan’s original Oval Gear model adapted for McCloskey International


Flowmeters tough and precise enough to withstand the rigours of the mining industry

Mar 18 2024

For over 25 years, Titan EnterprisesOval Gear flowmeters have been incorporated into heavy drilling and rock-crushing machinery for use in the Mining and Aggregate industry. Due to their rugged design, these meters provide reliable performance in extreme conditions. Initially working with JBC, Titan developed a bi-directional/dual flow Oval Gear flow meter that was fitted to drilling rigs in salt mines. These underground drill rigs are machines designated for drilling in the rock face as well as in concrete and ground. The relatively small flow measuring devices are incorporated into these vast machines to monitor the flow of oil and additives.

Titan’s technology has also been chosen by McCloskey International, a highly respected manufacturer of heavy plant apparatus for the mining sector. They came to Titan to see if they would be able to supply a flowmeter capable of monitoring oil flow on their rock-crushing machines. Aside from being able to cope with the extreme operating conditions, this device needed a considerably larger thread than normal for the requisite flow range. Understandably, they also wanted to see the instrument in action for themselves. The crusher’s central drum, which takes on the lion’s share of the work, is a massive cylinder that rotates on large bearings. The bearings have to be able to withstand the side load occurring during the rock-crushing process, therefore monitoring oil flow and pressure is crucial in ensuring continuous and smooth operation. It was critical that the flowmeter did not obstruct the flow and so had to have a low-pressure drop, even at full flow with cold, highly viscous oil.

The Titan Model OG5 Oval Gear flowmeter had suitable flow requirements, but its 1” BSP threads were too small, which would potentially result in a restricted oil flow. Titan, therefore, redesigned the OG5 model in aluminium and with a 1¼” connection to reduce pressure drop at minimum temperature and maximum flow. An acrylic cap was installed, with a see-through cover so that the user could check the oil flow visually. Titan also fitted a cable loom, so that the flowmeter could be plugged into the customer’s wiring loom directly. The body of the meter was then anodised to match the colour of the machines they were fitted to, thereby creating a distinct OEM product. The modified OG5 flowmeter has been extremely reliable and so far more than 600 of these flowmeters have been installed in McCloskey’s range of rock crushers over the last decade.

The standard OG5 flowmeter has since been redesigned. The compact and robust positive displacement flowmeters now boast a newly machined stainless-steel, high-viscosity design for both the body and caps, This has enabled an increase in the standard design pressure for these versatile devices.

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