• Flow meters maintain NSF/ANSI approval for use in food and beverage applications
    Titan’s NSF-Approved Beverage flowmeters used in bar tap dispense systems


Flow meters maintain NSF/ANSI approval for use in food and beverage applications

Jan 17 2024

Titan EnterprisesBeverage flow meters and 800 Series turbine flowmeters have maintained their NSF/ANSI 169 certification as suitable for use with food products. This is a key accreditation for food/beverage manufacturers for use in food production and handling machinery, and processing and dispensing mechanisms; end users in these sectors can sleep soundly in the knowledge that Titan’s flow meters meet NSF standards and their products are in safe hands. The flowmeters are constructed from food-safe PVDF, and are also widely used in the pharmaceutical and medical industries where end products are consumed and safety and hygiene are paramount.

Many distilleries cideries and breweries use Titan’s flowmeters to monitor the precise delivery of beverages; they are also ubiquitous to automated batching and dispense systems, bar taps in mobile bars, and your bars and pubs. Titan Enterprises has collaborated with a variety of food and beverage OEMs to improve production processes including fast batching, and developing technology that can differentiate between liquids, such as cider and cleaning solutions, in the production line.

Titan’s liquid flow Beverage meter, now in its 27th year in production, is an economical measurement sensor used for a plethora of applications in the food/beverage sectors. It provides a highly efficient and dependable method for direct beverage dispensing, whether beer, coffee or spirits, as well as for dosing additives and colourants, transferring and dispensing precise and repeatable measures of liquids such as syrups or flavourings into beverages, such as coffee.

Neil Hannay, Senior R&D Engineer with Titan Enterprises, commented “Our expertise in beverage applications translate robust and compact design into long-term performance. We offer liquid flow measurement solutions to ensure beverage dispense systems operate consistently every time a glass or bottle is filled!”

The beverage industry needs to meet expanding demand; major producers face tough challenges such as the implementation of waste reduction strategies, increased throughput, inventory minimisation, and providing goods of improved quality. Accurate measurement of ingredients is critical, especially where there are high-value ingredients used in small quantities. A ’freshly blended evolution’ in which flavours and carbon dioxide are added at the dispensing point, rather than at the bottling plant, is also widely perceived as a route to significant environmental and financial savings by beverage producers. The precision and dependability of Titan’s Beverage flowmeters facilitate efficient and consistent drink production and dispensing solutions, and with over 24,000 Titan Beverage flowmeters sold annually, they are industry-proven on a global scale.

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