• How can flowmeters optimise your batching system?


How can flowmeters optimise your batching system?

Jul 28 2022

Titan Enterprises have been developing precise and dependable flow meters for batch control systems for nearly half a century. The global flow specialists have therefore had plenty of time to gain a strong understanding of the factors to take into consideration when choosing flow measuring instrumentation for batching control applications.

Titan has already published a white paper discussing the use of ultrasonic flowmeters in high-speed batching, but they would also like to share the 5 key considerations for choosing the best flowmeters ensure the smooth operation of general batching systems. 

Arguably, the first application one thinks of when discussing batch filling system is beverages, whether directly into a glass or into bottles. However batching systems play a major role in the other sectors, such as the oil, chemical, petrochemical and medical industries. Chemical dosing and additive injection are applications where flow meters are typically used to accurately control the amount of liquid dispensed, a crucial element in maintaining a seamless and efficient process.

1. Repeatability is a key for flowmeters to enable productive batching process
There are a multitude of reasons why the amount of liquid being dispensed can alter, which has a adverse effect on the system’s repeatability. Keeping control of as many variables facilitates precise and repeatable flow measurements

Multiple uncertainties can change the amount of liquid being dispensed, causing a negative effect on the repeatability of the system. Controlling as many process

variables as possible will help to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of flow measurement. Flowmeters, such as Titans’ mini turbines flow meters, for example, provide a repeatability of 0.1% or better when they operate in the same conditions.

2. The liquid’s physical properties dictate which flowmeter is needed 
Choosing a flowmeter can be restricted by the liquid’s physical properties. Liquids may be corrosive, volatile, viscous, whether it is viscous, volatile, corrosive, flammable, or contaminated with particles. Oval gear flowmetersare the perfect choice for batch-dosing highly viscous liquids such as syrups, while a turbine flow instrument, for example: Titan’s 800-series flowmeters, are a better choice for dispensing less resistant liquids such as water and beer.

3. Constant consistent process conditions
Flow meters can work in an unpredictable dynamic way, when faced with changes in flow rate, pressure or temperature occur. Every plant manager wants to maintain stable operating parameters, but this is not always possible and changes in flow rate for example, can be compensated for by opting for a higher specification instrument, for example: Titans’ Atrato® ultrasonic flowmeter.

4. Does your flowmeter need to cope with pulsations in the liquid?
A constant overall steady flow without pulsations within the batching system prevents faulty flow readings during the batch operating cycle. In cases where the liquid media will pulsate it is important to choose a flowmeter that can operate successfully under these conditions and mitigate any negative effects on successfully measuring the flow.

5. Limiting the effects of system inertia
Minor alterations to the batch system design, perhaps changing control value specification or the positioning of a flow meter, can fight the effects of inertia.

Choosing the ideal flow meter for your batch system can be complicated and tiresome; Titan Enterprises are happy to help you find your optimal flow meter solution for your process and plant’s specific needs.

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