• Clean bore ultrasonic flow meters for laboratory applications


Clean bore ultrasonic flow meters for laboratory applications

Jan 18 2022

Titan Enterprises have designed and manufactured clean-bore, low-flow, flow sensor solutions ideal for lab tests and pilot plant applications.

The robust, clean bore construction of Titan’s Atrato® ultrasonic flowmeter range offers the perfect solution for a variety of low-flow laboratory applications; they are also quick and easy to clean between experiments.

Titan’s Atrato ultrasonic flowmeters utilise patented ‘time-of-flight’ ultrasonic technology that allow them to operate with unsurpassed precision covering an extensive flow range from 2ml/min to 20l/min.

These ultrasonic flowmeters use a highly advanced signal processing system which enables flow measurement across the whole Reynolds number range, so viscous and non-viscous fluids can be metered with accuracy. High quality construction and electronics, along with Titan Enterprise’s unique algorithms, mean that zero-point adjustments are not needed.

Powerful, yet very easy to use, Atrato’s flowmeter software is both user-friendly and powerful and allows data recording through an external computer. The software provides reports and management of liquid flow data; and operators have readily available access to readings from tests or experiments which is far more reliable, simple and economic than manual metering.

Operators can choose from a wide range of functions and time periods over which to store results. The flow data sets are saved as .csv files, they can then be imported directly into software packages for later manipulation and analysis.

The Atrato® flowmeter features an easy-to-clean system; with no moving parts there is almost no mechanical wear, which is crucial for enhanced repeatability and longevity.

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