• Waste Water Parameter COD


Waste Water Parameter COD

Jul 20 2012

The chemical oxygen demand, ST-COD value (ST = small scale sealed tube), of a sample is 
determined by a dichromate method. The result can be considered as an indicator of the theoretical oxygen demand, i.e. the amount of oxygen required for the total chemical oxidation of the 
organic matter present in the water.

The Lovibond (Germany) COD VARIO Set-Up allows precise water testing with minimised effort. 
The ST-COD concentration in mg/l O2 is measured by photometric detection.

After adding 2 ml of the sample to a Lovibond COD VARIO tube test (LR, MR according to ISO 15705:2002), the tube is heated in the reactor for 2 hours at 150 °C, cooled down and then 
analysed in MD 200 COD VARIO photometer.

The COD Set-Up is a "ready to use" unit with a MD 200 COD VARIO photometer, 25 tube tests for LR and MR (each), the RD 125 thermoreactor for sample digestion and a tube stand.

Highlight include: 
ST-COD sealed tubes ready for use, Suppression of chloride interference 
up to 1000 mg/l (LR & MR)
up to 10000 mg/l (HR), Mercury free tube tests, 
in absence of chloride interference and 3 ranges:
Low range: 
0 - 150 mg/l, meets ISO 15705:2002
Middle range: 
0 - 1500 mg/l, meets ISO 15705:2002
High range: 
0 - 15000 mg/l.

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