• Thermostatic cabinets and laboratory refrigerators from Lovibond<sup>® - </sup>Safe and energy-efficient water analysis in the laboratory


Thermostatic cabinets and laboratory refrigerators from Lovibond® - Safe and energy-efficient water analysis in the laboratory

Aug 08 2023

Record heat with heavily impacted groundwater, severe weather catastrophes with huge floods and destroyed drinking water infrastructure: these are just some of the current phenomena that show that water is becoming increasingly valuable. Regular water controls are mandatory and are becoming increasingly important. Laboratories are accordingly in high demand. Against the backdrop of exploding energy costs, efficient tools are essential in this respect. Lovibond® not only manufactures test equipment and reagents for laboratories, but also the right thermostatically controlled cabinets and laboratory refrigerators for storing samples and chemicals.

The range includes energy-saving thermostatically controlled cabinets for the standard-compliant storage of water samples and reagents, as well as laboratory refrigerators with explosion-proof interiors for directive-compliant work with hazardous substances.

The thermostatic cabinets of the TC series are characterised above all by low energy consumption. This is achieved by using highly efficient components and reinforced insulation. A control unit ensures continuous temperature control in the range from 2 to 40 °C. This makes it particularly suitable for different applications - but especially for the storage of samples and or for BOD determinations in waste water analysis. An illuminated LED display indicates the current temperature or the set temperature in the cabinet. The temperature control unit complies with the EMC directive according to IEC 61326: Electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use. The temperature can be selected in 0.1 °C steps. Internal sockets ensure that equipment such as magnetic stirrers can also be stored in the thermostatic incubators while receiving the necessary power supply. Lovibond® offers 3 models with steel doors and 2 models with glass doors with different capacities.

With their explosion-proof interiors, the EX series of laboratory refrigerators guarantees "working safely in laboratories" in accordance with BG-I 850-0. According to this, interiors in which dangerous, explosive atmospheres can develop, for example through deposited flammable liquids, must be explosion-proof. The body is made of sturdy sheet steel housing with impact and jolt-resistant powder coating. The EX series also achieves high energy efficiency. The durable interior is made of high-strength white plastic (PS). The door is lockable. Sealing is ensured by an all-round magnetic gasket. The temperature is continuously adjustable from 1 to 15 °C and is constantly controlled by a room thermostat. Here, too, a digital temperature display shows the interior temperature. The powerful fan ensures even temperature distribution, including a stop function when the door is opened.

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