• Save time and money with pre-dosed cuvette tests and standards in everyday routine


Save time and money with pre-dosed cuvette tests and standards in everyday routine

Jul 11 2023

Especially in water analysis, time is money in the daily routine. Particularly in wastewater or drinking water monitoring, many mandatory measurements for a number of parameters are part of the regular test program. Cumbersome dosing and complicated mixing are far too time-consuming and also dangerous with direct contact to the chemicals. Precisely pre-dosed tube tests and standards make life much easier in many areas – whether directly on site or in the laboratory. At Lovibond® they are available from a single source with the right equipment.

Using tube tests is easy, even for non-experts. For many parameters, all you need to do is pour the sample liquid into the 16-mm cuvette pre-dosed with the appropriate reagent, insert the cuvette into the measuring shaft of the meter – and the water analysis can begin. Particularly practical: the barcodes on the cuvettes automatically start the correct method in the suitable test instrument. Errors in method selection and operation are thus impossible. For the digestion of tube tests for the control of chemical oxygen demand, total chromium, total phosphate, total nitrogen and TOC, the suitable RD125 thermoreactor is of course also available directly from Lovibond®.

Other advantages of tube tests:

  • Editing of multiple calibration curves per test
  • Input of user-defined methods using multiple wavelengths
  • Compatible with instruments from other manufacturers

Automatic method recognition is easily mastered by the Lovibond® XD Series UV and UV/VIS spectrophotometers. The XD7000 and XD7500 are professional all-rounders for water analysis and can also start the methods via an external reader that scans the barcodes on the reagent packages or from the Lovibond® Handbook of Methods. Those who incorporate the barcodes into their own work documents also make their tasks easier and simplify routine work processes. In addition, user-defined methods can be saved and polynomials integrated. Integrated support for analytical quality assurance measures means that Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is given special consideration, especially as up to 3 user levels can be set up for different users. Guidelines and quality standards can thus be perfectly integrated and the instruments provide increased safety.

Another practical feature is the automatic recognition of the cuvette type and size, also directly via the measuring shaft. This includes round cuvettes with 13, 16 and 24 mm diameters and rectangular cuvettes with 10, 20 and 50 mm path length. Thus, the actual measuring process is significantly simplified and offers a wide variety of method options.

The further advantages:

Automatic adjustment of the wavelength range for rectangular cuvettes

Increased number of measuring ranges

Reduced operating errors

Tube tests for the following determinations are available for the XD series instruments:

  • Ammonium VARIO LR & HR
  • Lead
  • Cadmium
  • Calcium Hardness
  • COD (all measuring ranges)
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite
  • Phosphate
  • Nitrogen
  • Surfactants
  • TOC

Many tube tests can also be used - without method recognition - with other Lovibond® photometers such as the MD100, MD200, the MD6X0 series or the MultiDirect, as well as in complete COD and wastewater setups. Complete reagent sets with other dosage forms are also available, especially for wastewater and drinking water applications.

The Lovibond® reagent range has recently been completed by the ValidCheck Standards as a reference and calibration basis for all photometers. They are also offered as ready-to-use solutions with certified concentrations as single and multiparameter standards. In this way, the functionality of the test instrument, the performance of the measurement method and the user's sample handling can be put to the test for all typical water and wastewater parameters – for seamless quality assurance and reliable measurement results.

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